Poetry from Zuhra Ruzmetova

Young Central Asian teen girl with a knit headdress and a lace collar and brown and white vest over a white long sleeved top and a medal on her chest. She's outside in front of trees.
Zuhra Ruzmetova

              Мy country

The sun shines in the blue sky
Casting light shines magic
Wakes up early in the morning
Giving love to mother earth. 

My independent land is my motherland
Blooming, living forever
Let us play and sing in your bosom
Remember every breath you take. 

Ruzmetova Zuhra Vyacheslavovna November 30, 2006 I was born in the city Urgench, Khorezm region. There are 6 of us in the family my father my mother my brother my twin and me. I am currently a student of the 11th grade of school no 14 in Urgench city. I appeared on the international website "synchronized chaos" and I am the coordinator of the this international site. My poems have been recognized in more 10 countries. Every week I am guest on Khorezm TV channel. I am the holder of badge "For the international Services"🏅by the bi wing poets writers Association. I am the winner of competitions of more than 100 national and international organizations. I have a B2 certificate of knowledge of the Turkish🇹🇷 language. I have many future dream goals.