Poetry from Zuhra Ruzmetova

Young teen Central Asian girl with an embroidered headdress, brown hair in a braid, brown eyes, and a lacy white top with a red and orange vest. She's standing in front of a tree.

🌹My loving mother🌹

My mother is my greatest asset in the world. She supports me every step of the way. Encourages by my side day and night in any situation. My mother is the symbol of love and sincerity for me. She is ready to give us everything but she does not ask for anything in return. When I m afraid of the dark she becomes my light and saves me from that darkness. If I can't sleep at night she doesn't leave my side until I fall asleep. 

Most importantly my mother encourages me to be thorough in every way and to learn. Every mother is a special person for her children. On my days of failure my mother always tells me to try again until you reach your goal you gain experience from the knowledge you have gained due to failure. My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. Mothers always come to help even if they are not with us my mother is such a person that she can replace everyone but no one can replace her. If they told me to hug the world I would go and hug my mother. If I come into the world once I would like you to be my mother a thousand times more. I am proud to have a mother like you. You are the number one person for me. I love you so much. My dear mother. 

A mother is a jocular and kind person who gives life lessons. A coach who always shows the right way who can always help young and old a like. A loving mother who pleases everyone in the family. Mother is a precious stone in everyone's life. She is the main source of happiness for the child. It is probably impossible to find a mother who does not love her child with all her heart. Even though my mother is not physically strong she is able to overcome any obstacles for her life and family. 

Mothers heart and mothers love are waves like an incomparable ocean. The first melody heard by the baby is the melody that sounds in the mother's heart with a soft voice. When we mention this holy world my loving mother who is the only one dear to me in the world is incarcerated before my eyes. My mother protects me when I stumble and gives her advice. My mother is the person I trust the most she always listens to me and supports me. They cheer me on when I succeed and support me when I fail. I love you very much dear mother. 

                  ✍️Ruzmetova Zuhra

Ruzmetova Zuhra Vyacheslavovna November 30, 2006 I was born Uzbekistan in the city Urgench Khorezm region. My poets have been recognized in more 10 countries.I am winner of competitions of more 100 national and international organizations. I am holder of badge "For the international Services"🎖by the bi wing poets writers association. I have many future dream goals. 

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