Short story from Jim Meirose

I am Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac               

Hah so there you are. Hah so there you are whichwise won’t now nor never believe in this comfybed—this comfybed you believe on in one of two ways depending on depending of, as;  1, that it is no rest at all ‘cause no sleep’s allowed, or 2. It is rest time please leave me alone I am sleeping don’t tug me up out over to you whomever you are, which doesn’t matter, on cause which that you need your sleep and can’t function without it so don’t ruin the morning to come by making it another stumbling sand pit of low exhaustion inability to know hear understand speak or or or whatever, so. 

No mind my nameplate that back at Grundig’s read Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac and that now again reads what eh? Oh, pitiful one claiming it is too far out for one such asleep as you are not so okay so okay here it is flat in your face my name’s Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac see this Helena yas first name then LeClerc yas nextname then Reformed yup yup yup that’s me too all over and the last be; Solemniac; off punch you’ gut wit’  Helena—then wit’ LeClerc Reformed—then last wit’ Solemniac—hey!  Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac—ho! There! You woke now? Wakened out up and in now eh? 

So! Sonboy!
Listen to me I am Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac, and again and forever Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac so!

Be awake!
Now and immediately! 

Ah oh stand back blanket flung four by four splintering sheet rent gold flecks shattered torn shreds flying shot from the ground and unseen in the dark, signboard first in two and, unseen in the dark, then in five, is eh then in fifty eh one hundred eh all rubble eh grown down into grassweeds time and pressure pressure and time too hot much too hot much hot too much too hot no up get go up get go danger hey—

Sonboy up awake and unseen in the dark shouting.
The light! Give me light!
What is the where is this? 
Give me light!

Snap-on; all a’beaming—
Sonboy, good morning. 
Ah—who are you—I—

I am, for the last time, Helena LeClerc Reformed Solemniac. 
But, as previously stated, you may call me Dwight.

Sonboy’s fists came up twisting the sleep from his eyes. The black pebble swirl from within soothed and soothed and he kept at it until the pressure turned unpleasant lowering his fists, and, blinking, he beheld things at last clearly.

Sonboy! Sonboy.
At last and for once clearly.
Mom, he stated. 

The word licked in his mouth as she said, Come on Sonboy. I’ll whip you up some breakfast. Come on.

 Jim Meirose's short work is widely published, and his novels include "Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer"(Optional Books), "Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection" (Mannequin Haus), "No and Maybe - Maybe and No"(Pski's Porch), "Audio Bookies" (LJMcD Communications), "Et Tu" (C22 press), and "Game 5" (Soros Books).  info:, X id @jwmeirose

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