Story from Begim Khadjieva

Young Central Asian girl in a tee shirt with a flower on it in black and white. She's in a park at night in front of a fence, flowers, grass and a hiking path.
Begim Khadjieva

I came to school very early that day. I went to a teahouse to pass the time. When I looked, a plate of "gumma" was placed in front of me, and my neighbor Abdullah, who studied one grade above me, was sitting.
"If you're hungry, bon appetite," I said sarcastically.
Hey, Aziz, you came on time; who can I invite? He stood up and pointed to
the chair next to him. I hesitated.
"Don't hesitate; there will be more than both of us," he said with a smile.
For example, like those who are hungry,
 I am on duty at school today. I have to come early and leave after everyone
else. I wasn't hungry. But many are doing it. 
Let's sit and eat before it gets cold.
"Now I'm eating the food with appetite; two more classmates came to help 
me... After we were full, we thanked Abdullah and got up. Abdullah went to ring 
the entrance bell.
We have a wonderful friend; he is very generous, - said Botir.
Even if I don't eat at home, I'm not afraid of going hungry. I trust Abdullah, - 
said Hojiakbar.
"A great boy, no problems, a real gentle and kind boy," my classmates said. 
I agreed with them and nodded my head.
But then I thought: Is Abdullah doing the right thing? After all, he is not making money yet. He sometimes takes money from his elderly grandmother, sometimes from his father. Abdullah has a big family. He is survived by three brothers. Therefore, if he spares the elders and does not ask for money in vain, his father's money will be saved. And the saved money will be spent on the kindergarten of his brothers to cover their lack of livelihood!
Isn't that so? What do you think, dear reader?

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  1. What do you think, dear reader? Isay: bon appetiteĀ”
    I gather things up: the memory of nothing rushing swiftly over the table, change, precious little.It is a bind of love.

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