Story from Dilnoza Eshqulova


The spring sun kissed my face hard, this strange situation reminded me of a person...
I'm sitting in a black dress. Life is busy with itself. With my thoughts... Could it be that bright star mother... Could it be that she sees me... All those who know me will treat me as a mother, sorry, I have only one mother! My mother... I spoke only yesterday, at night, on a dark day...

- My daughter, get up! "It's time for prayer," my grandfather said.
I jumped up and got ready to pray. The meaning of my school life. When a person is left without someone or something, he chooses one of two ways, only two ways... Either to show everyone who he is in a good way or to show who he is in a negative way! Since I am a Muslim, I chose the positive. But I never forgot anyone, not even for a second... I just got used to it... I got used to it... ...

Moon. The sun.
I am sitting like a light in the darkness. My eyes fill with tears and I try to break the dam. My tongue came to the word, and suddenly the sound of "ooonaaa" in my voice covered my room like a storm. The dam broke, and now bloody and bitter water began to flow from somewhere like a waterfall. This process encouraged the storm. They were also bucking me like a disobedient horse, and it was as if the third world war was starting in my heart. NO!!! At that moment, someone opened my door saying that I was going to leave. Dad... 

The storm made my dad's hair stand on end, I think, but he slowly approached me:
- Mom, what happened?
- Dad, why, God will take my mother, why?!?! After all... After all... ...
- Mother, don't let the devil be a guest in your heart! Zinhor!!! You know, Allah is the most merciful and kind in the universe. My God, give or take. Suygan takes from his servant... Gives confusing tests...

- Dad... ... ...
- My mother!..
The years have grown and I am very old, but I am fresh. My father, like my mother, entrusted me with his heart... But after that third world war, I did not cry even once! Because I realized that it is a sin to cry for those who gave their deposit.


Blackberries are my best friends.
I grew up by the stream,
I have pearls on my horns,
I am ready to eat the silkworm.

When I'm ripe, people'll look for me
They get very upset when I'm away.
I am very sweet, delicious, sweet,
I live a long time, I have a long life.

If you ask my name
I will tell you my name 
They say me sweet mulberry 
Now look forward to my ripe!

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