Story from Ifora Bahramova

Young Central Asian teen girl with long black hair and a white top under black overalls.
Ifora Baxramova
The sun of my heart

As always, the sun nuzzled, dawned. In the morning, nature becomes more beautiful. My mood along with nature. When I look at the sun every morning, I remember an event in my childhood.
       I don't remember how young I was. I was around 10 years old. It was night. We went to bed. I, my sister, my brother and my mother. My sister has fallen asleep, and my twin can't sleep when he says little yes yet. He asked my mother a question. My relative is very slippery. Sometimes keeps asking me something from my mother. Sometimes I get angry and shout. My mother is not forgotten. He calmly answers my brother's questions one by one. Again he begins asking questions They think I'm asleep, but I close my eyes and listen and lie down. my brother asked:

-Mom...... Mm, 
-yes my son.
-Oh, why is the sun one? Why does he stand in heaven
-Who told you that the sun is one? There is a lot of sun. The sun is in every house. My brother looked at my mother in surprise. Honestly, I was also surprised by my mother's answer. My mother understood and explained it:
-The sun is in the hearts of every good person. The sun in their hearts encourages goodness.
-Oh it`s also in your heart. I know that, However do I have the sun in my heart too.

-Of course my little prince.
-oh? does the sun fit into my heart?
-Everything worships you in this broad heart.
My brother didn't understand this so well. But I had a very good understanding.
Every good man has the sun in his heart. Alternately all mothers. I realized that day, every house has a bright sun, and the sun in the sky is actually in our house. And my sun is my mother. The sun in heaven does not illuminate the earth at night. But my mother always shines brightly even at night. It should be said that the rays of the sun in the sky will fade one day, but my mother's rays will never fade.

   Bahromova Ifora

My name is Bahramova Ifora Sunnatillayevna. I was born on August 2, 2008 in Kuyi Chirchik district of Tashkent region. Currently, I am a 9th-grade student of school 29, Kuyi Chirchik district, Tashkent region. I am also a member of the “Parvoz” literary circle organized by Nargiza Asadova, a member of the Writers’ Union under the Lower Chirchik Hokimation. My poems and stories have been published several times in district newspapers and magazine “Gulkhan”. I am the winner of the Republican stage of the “Story of the Year” competition and several other competitions.