Story from Jim Meirose

Design for Multiplanetary Life (If Ever Required)       (499 words)


Yah. Ho!  = to lay down back up and explain what’s going on here when the planet Rstyj touched Earth’s farthest out registers {which had been set to zero by wise elders way long back who, in the grip of this that and those silly superstitions, believe that such collisions were at least, remotely, if not less than, actually possible.} all qualified minds (whew) came up with OOPS this hippo; what was needed, in anticipation of the number of planets unpredictably expanding, there needed to have a flexible material set in place that when planet # 2 came out and there needed to be a seamless state-of-being between planets #1 and #2, this flexi-floor would stretch on its own providing seamlessly unified living surface for each and every planetary creature, each one of which, though having been forced into interplanetariazational existance, the stretching device would transform this interplanetariazationalism into invisibility for the living creature who would become aware of and be comfortable living on a virtual uniplanetary surface (and be happy to do so. yip This being way way much more practical organically pleasing underlayment of their plane of existence than the way way back there previously described roundy-bout sum early pages as “elaborate and rickety illusionary systems of catwalks, slim scaffolding, mind/memory machine tools, error traps, run-off diverters and pap-scagagglia la la pap-scagagglia, hooonley, with the necessary vision generators belief drowners hoit-toit Spangle! Co-lock’t Spangle! of a Spangle! and scads of other barely profitable jury-rigged illusion systems” and et-cetranoonia (back-whistle dumpster) which, of course, given the mystical nature of reality nowadays, may actually underlie this new-flangied flexi-floor stretched out under the multiplanetary string, on its own providing seamlessly unified living surface for each and every planetary creature {whether they like it or knot up died trying} so rich     sweat          whizz         DIP!         sweat      wheeze                       wheeze            sweat      the last part of this document outline of what the hells going on at this juncture in the sweet polite yet lightly scarred “lives” off this here these two chloroform twins Jan and Jon seeking an in-in-the-wall to entre into the architectural worksite on the corner known way back yas yaas waaaaay back as the trigger what fumbled off into the void of memorized existence the raw materials backhauling the first seed drop’t into the gulf of the Mass-Tragedy that raged up the eight blocks of the most of the main street knocking it out of economic commission and you do know what the hell THAT’s called why after all Willy (aka Albert and Victoria’s (evening wear required (WHERE’S MY GOD-DAMNED SUPPER!!) ) gently go, my townfolk, gently, eh ah, gently MANY LIVES BRUNCH FESTIVAL-POP PARTY pop PARTY   |||||| so now that you’re equipped of what’s underlying this whole splat, know that Jan and Jon have not done anything you may have missed but only keep creeping on rightward searching for a way through that green wall (we think)


    wheeze                   Hey! It’s Picklebackin’ Minnie            dark helmet              wheeze                squeak              sweat           sweat    Party!