Story from Nosirova Gavhar

Central Asian teen girl with straight dark long hair, brown eyes, a blue collared shirt and her head in her hand.
Nosirova Gavhar


- Hello
- Hello, how are you?
- I am fine thank you very much. I thought I would call you in the evening. I congratulate you on your birthday. Happy eighteen years.
- Oh, thank you. When will you come back?  Matchmakers are coming to our house.
- You know I’m on a business trip now. I will leave as soon as I finish my work. Can you promise to wait for me?
- Understood. It’s been twenty years since she said, «Ok, I promise to wait for you.»
The woman’s eyes were still staring at the misty distance of the long endless road.
The young man had a car accident while returning from a trip and left this world already.

Nosirova Gavhar was born on August 16, 2000 in the city of Shahrisabz, Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. Today, she is a third-year student of the Faculty of Philology of the Samarkand State University of Uzbekistan. Being a lover of literature, she is engaged in writing stories and poems. Her creative works have been published in Uzbek and English. In addition, she is a member of «All India Council for Development of Technical Skills», «Juntosporlasletras» of Argentina, «2DSA Global Community». Winner of the «Korablznaniy» and «TalentyRossii» contests, holder of the international C1 level in the Russian language, Global Education ambassador of Wisdom University and global
coordinator of the Iqra Foundation in Uzbekistan. «Magic pen holders» talented young group of Uzbekistan, «KayvaKishor», «Friendship of people», «Raven Cage», «The Daily Global Nation», Argentina's «Multi Art-6», Kenya’s «Serenity: A compilation of art and literature by women» contains creative works in the magazine and anthology of poets and writers.

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