Story from Rukhsatbegim Hojieva

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Rukhsatbegim Hojieva

The greatest virtue

Once upon a time, there was a nobleman who had three sons. One day he called them to his presence:

My sons, I want to test you. Travel for a month. Spend this one month of your life doing good deeds useful to the people.

He said, “If one of you has the greatest virtue with your good deeds, I will give him the very valuable ring on my finger.”

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His sons scattered everywhere and went on a journey. After traveling for a month, they returned to their father. The father asked his eldest son:

My son, what is the greatest meritorious deed you have done this month?

Father, one day I was passing by a garden street alone, and a very valuable diamond fell somewhere. I took it and immediately handed it over to the relevant authorities. The head of the administration thanked me, wrote this certificate in my hand, found the owner of the diamond, and handed it over to him. What I did is a proof of my rightness, isn’t this action the greatest virtue?

answered the eldest son.

His father said:

You did the right thing, my son, you did your duty. But this diamond is not your personal property.

Then the middle son spoke:

One day, I was walking on the edge of a big ditch. At that moment, I saw that a young boy had fallen into the water and was in danger of dying. I immediately threw myself into the water and pulled the child out of the water with great force. I saved him from death and handed him over to his parents. His parents were very grateful to me and blessed me. Even though my life is in danger, I think I deserve your reward for what I have done to save a young child from death.

Father holding his son’s hand:

Good son. I congratulate you; you felt your heart filled with joy just because of this beautiful work, so that is not a reward in itself? – he said.

Then the youngest son bowed to his father and said:

Father, there is a person who always looks at me with hostility and does bad things. Although I have done him no harm, he follows me and even waits for an opportunity to kill me. Last night, I saw my enemy sleeping on the edge of a very low cliff. If he’s sleepily tossed to and fro or woken up by a loud noise, he may fall into a precipice trying to get up. I slowly went to him without making a sound. I held him very carefully and slowly started pulling him towards me. Having escaped the danger for a long time, I continued on my way with high spirits and joy.

His father, filled with tears from his son’s good work, hugged him and kissed him on the face. And he said to his youngest son:

Long live my son! You have the right to receive my reward, because the greatest virtue in the world is to do good for evil, – he prayed, putting the precious ring on his son’s finger.

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  1. Doing good for evil is not as good as it seems because we assume that evil must coexist with us, like dogs must be at its wars and humans must be in wars ever. That good must overcome evil is a truth like a temple, otherwise this World would already be in the era of the Dinosaurs.
    Your story is interesting.
    A cordial greeting.

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