Story from Sevinch Saidova

Young Central Asian teen girl with straight dark hair, brown eyes, and an orange top, pictured at a diagonal.
Sevinch Saidova
He was brought to the hospital in a serious condition. His internal organs were also ruptured from the strong blows. The doctors could not find out who did this until the police officers arrived. The mother, who was crying on top of the child, was punching her chest, but it was clear from her eyes that she was hiding something. The child was connected to an artificial respiration machine and was on the verge of dying. Only then did the woman begin to tell the truth.

- When they came to drink, I was in the kitchen, Akmaljon was playing in the corridor. As a young child, he asked for money for ice cream, not knowing what condition his father was in.

Unfortunately, his condition worsened. The doctors provided all the help they could, but the injuries were so severe that the doctors were helpless. They brought the mother in to say goodbye to her child. Pib slowly opened his eyes after hearing the sound of his crying mother. He removed the artificial respiration device from his mouth and began to speak.

"Dude, I didn't ask for ice cream, I asked for money for medicine. You said you had a heart attack. So...
He began to breathe heavily. But he stopped the hurrying doctors and explained with a sign that he wanted to tell them what he had to say.

- Don't cry, my father doesn't drink anymore.
- Well, let him die without drinking, instead of putting you in this situation, wouldn't it be possible to break his legs?

- Don't curse him, he won't be able to walk if his legs are broken.
The boy stared hopefully at the door. If his father came in now, he was ready to throw himself on his lap and hug him tightly. Not the cursed one, whose eyes were filled with blood and brutally beaten two hours ago, but he once carried him on his shoulders and He finally wanted to see his lover, who led him to the store and bought him cars. His father is not there, he did not come. After losing hope, he called the detective who was standing on the corner.

- Uncle, please don't arrest my father, he is a very good person. You will see that he will be a good father again as before. Because I will become an angel and always pray for him.
The experienced officer, who had seen various crimes, could not stop himself. The boy's life was cut off before he promised the boy with tears in his eyes...

However, the law takes precedence over any promises. Taking into account the fact that he has a family and other children, a lighter punishment was given. The father could not bear this sin and committed suicide several times in prison. they did not punish him for it.

I turned to the mother who told me this story with tears in her eyes:
- Your husband got out of prison, has he stopped drinking?
He sighed deeply, showing a smiling photo of his sweet 6-year-old son in his hand, his voice trembled and answered...

- Yes, he gave justice, but in order for adults to understand, is it necessary to multiply such angels? My child entered his father's dreams many times...