Story from Yoldosheva Farangiz

There was a boy named George. When he came home from school, he returned all the oil dirty and dirty. And he did his lessons in the evening when everyone went to bed. He would use this time to occupy himself with the telephone or television. He slept late at night and woke up late in the morning. When his parents told him to read, he was playing in the street. Nobody liked this. Day by day he became lazy and immoral. His teachers also sent a letter of complaint against him to his parents. He was told to find a solution.

His father heard this and cut off the TV in the house and took away his phone. His father brought him a book. And his father said to him: “I will give you one month to finish reading this book”. George, who finished the book brought by his father in 1 month, changed. Teachers were also surprised. “Is it possible to change a person in 1 month?” they said.George had changed completely. He finished the book that his father brought him and studied all the knowledge in it.took a place in the ranks of excellent students. He was among the activists of the school. He gained the respect and trust of his teachers. Everyone looked at him with pride. A day before graduation, there was a parent-teacher conference at school. George’s parents and himself also participated in it. his teachers said warm thoughts about George. They praised him. And George’s father was asked a question. “How did you manage to change your child for the better?”

George’s father” I turned off the TV in the house and took away the phone. I gave him a month’s respite. I brought him a book. I saw a change. I also gave away various books. Every month he finished reading one book. He would finish several within a month. I would take a book instead of saying no. I was happy. In the first grade, the diary of a child full of threes and twos was filled with Fives. I wanted to fly to the heavens with joy after hearing this. His mother was just crying. “Our child will change for the worse.” What now? He is crying with joy. He doesn’t know what to say. I am more impressed by what you just said. I am pleased. Many thanks to you too. I am proud of my son. I am proud to have such a son,” he shouted loudly. No one has ever seen a father who said these words with tears in his eyes. The whole hall trembled. Everyone cried and clapped. Father and son hugged each other and cried together.

 Graduation day. George’s father saw his son’s awards and gave him a car. Speaking to George, he told who and what was the cause of these achievements.George: “If my father had not taken the phone from my hand, turned off the TV, and given me books, I would not have achieved these achievements. My father works day and night for me. I did not even think about this work. I live by reading books. I saw how difficult it isI felt my father’s pains and sufferings. First of all, I set a goal. and i got it. That doesn’t mean it’s over. It means that there is more to come…” he said, and everyone was impressed by this and clapped. “One more thing, if you keep a book as a friend, it will always help no matter what and in what situation. 

Yo’ldosheva Farangiz was born on July 16, 2006 in Surkhandarya region, Sariosia district, Republic of Uzbekistan. She is studying in the 11th grade of the 12th school in the Sariasiya district.