Two short autumnal poems from Patsy Ledbetter


I love the smell of fires in the air….
This season is one of family, thanks and prayer.
It’s cold on the outside, but warm inside….
Cherished voices in which we take  pride…..
A grown son blossoming….
A daughter on the brink.
Mom washing the turkey pan out in the sink.
Dad and his pipe…
Little Johnnie at play.
These moments are fleeting
Cherish today.

Thank God for blessings
And still small songs….
How awesome He’s given you
A place to belong.

There’s tears and there’s sorrow…
And often there is pain.
But Jesus is with us….
So much we’ve gained….

So in all things give thanks…
Rejoice, give praise…
Christ is our Father
All of our days.

I love riding my bike on an autumn day….
With the clouds overhead and the trees in the way.

A woodpecker sings his song from on high…
Airplanes announce themselves in the sky.

The smell of cozy fires sweetens the air…
On such a day, I haven’t a care.      

Patsy Ledbetter – may be reached at – and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She wishes her fellow Americans a happy Thanksgiving!