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S. Courtney Killian’s Days of the Kill

Days of the Kill is the first book for college student S. Courtney Killian. I think she did a great job and I loved it. I love murder mysteries, suspense and thrillers. This book will keep you on the edge of you seat. This will definitely be a book to add to your home library.
Ms. Killian definitely has what it takes to be a writer. I am looking forward to her next book.

Richard Slota’s Stray Son

ARC copy of the cover of Stray Son

ARC copy of the cover of Stray Son

Stray Son is a really interesting novel that will keep you reading and wanting more. Patrick Yaworsky, a Marine Veteran, married and a father of two, works  for a funeral home picking up the bodies of the deceased. One day he sees a young Marine in a WWII uniform who seems to be following him. The young Marine knocks on Patrick’s door and introduces himself as Patrick’s father. Even Patrick’s wife and kids can see him. They know he can’t be a ghost because the father is still alive in the present, the year 2000. This is a must have for your home library. it is humorous and also illustrates a dysfunctional family. It will keep you captivated.
You may request Stray Son from your favorite neighborhood bookstore. It will be published later this summer and is also available online now here.

Essay from Donal Mahoney

A Note to Young Writers
Over the years I have been accused of many things in real life and in the virtual world as well and often deservedly so. Recently, however, I sent a few poems to an editor unknown because samples on his site suggested to me that these particular poems, rejected by other editors as not fit for their sites, might find a home there. One never knows and can only try.
These poems were scabrous enough, I thought, to have a chance at this site but they lacked profanity, sex and violence. I am neither in favor of nor opposed to profanity, sex or violence but I don’t knowingly traffic in any of those when it comes to writing. 
Sex is too easy to write about, I feel, and profanity seems an easy way out when the right word can’t be found. Violence I don’t think I have ever dealt with although I have dealt with the prelude to violence as well as its aftermath. I guess it’s all a matter of taste. 

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