July Synchronized Chaos: Stacking Stones by the Roadside, Ritualizing Memory

Greetings to our worldwide Synchronized Chaos family! Happy Fourth of July to the Americans, also wishing a fun and growth-filled summer to our worldwide assortment of readers.

After much thought and consideration, our theme for this month is Stacking Stones By the Roadside: Ritualizing Memory. Each contribution this time around represented quite a lot of thought and a unique community or artistic vision, and we reflected for quite some time to uncover the unifying thematic thread and cultural zeitgeist. We will discuss the work later in this editorial.

First of all, a few announcements and an honorable mention for some special work we editors have recently discovered. A teenage brother-sister pair of graphic artists, Savetheseals and Santacruiser on ratemydrawings.com, have produced some incredibly detailed and vibrant work. The brother, Santacruiser, creates fantasy pieces and some new abstract representations of American culture an d identity (http://www.ratemydrawings.com/user/santacruiser/) and the sister, Savetheseals, works with themes of childhood and imagination and has recently done a tribute to Farrah Fawcett and her struggle with cancer (http://www.ratemydrawings.com/user/savetheseals) Please feel welcome to look over their work and to leave comments and critiques if you so choose, they are quite polite and responsive. We would love to see them featured in Synchronized Chaos some day, whenever they are able to spare a moment to talk with our staff!

San Francisco’s Artist X-Change gallery, a quirky, classy place in the Mission District, is looking for local bands (no requirement to be signed, as far as I know) to become part of their inventory of local music…they have a new listening station with sample songs and CDs for purchase. If you’re interested please email their music department at music@artist-xchange.com

Also, the Da Silvas, a family some of us personally know, are fundraising for a special van to safely transport their disabled son to and from medical appointments and family outings. They have a blog here:
http://avanforlucas.blogspot.com/ and people are commenting and offering to host benefit events and/or sell items and artwork and donate some proceeds to Lucas.

As for the month’s theme and submissions – Continue reading