Call for artists and writers – Zine Party! Exchange, giveaway, showcase…show off your independent magazine or newsletter!


Zine (independent, usually self-published, magazine) party at San Jose’s Kaleid Gallery! An artist owned and managed co-op, Kaleid is hosting a zine exchange and showcase.

Seeking people who want to make a zine and share it with others. You may sell, exchange, or give away your zines – and be as creative as you want!

Friday, September 18th, from 7 to 9 pm at the Kaleid Gallery – 88 4th St. San Jose, CA 95112. (You don’t have to live near San Jose or come to the event to participate…just mail in your zines and they’ll sell or display them for you!)

Please email Yumi at as soon as possible if you are interested in making a zine, and leave her your name, email, and phone number.

Zine submission deadline – September 8th (a Tuesday)

Please email her ASAP if you would like to participate, and give her your contact info and basic information about your zine!

Submit via mail to Yumi at 88 South 3rd St. #305, San Jose, CA 95113 or drop them off at the Kaleid Gallery.

News and Notices: Links to calls for art and writing submissions, also writers and readers and reviewers rant about each other


Links to places to find calls for writing and art submissions…I looked through the websites to find ones which were updated regularly and which seemed relevant to more than just a small group of people.

Listen and Be Heard – International site listing in a blog-format various exhibition and show announcements and calls for written and visual art submissions. More of a Western world-focus, although anyone may join the network and submit events. Not so commercial, more of a nonprofit cultural site…you may search specifically for certain kinds of calls for submissions by using keywords.

NewPages…a sort of ‘highbrow’ academic site with updated lists of calls for writing and visual art. More writing than art, some places call for combinations of the two. Lots of university presses and cultural places to get published.

Art Deadlines List – more ‘dressed-down’ site, no need to pay, just scroll down to see the list of places looking for art. This site is pretty much for visual art…international, some smaller but many large galleries. Also art school application deadlines and scholarships.

Independent Art and Media – ‘because democracy requires independent artists’ – currently focused on promoting a large exposition event Saturday, September 26th in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) but periodically does post art/writing calls for submissions. San Francisco based site but open to everyone, run as a producers’ co-op … very readable and professional, most info related to the SF Bay Area but interesting style and ethos which could be copied elsewhere.

Something clever…suspense author Brandilyn Collins blogs on readers’ and authors’ pet peeves about each other. For example, authors who write long, tedious suspense, making people wait and wait and fall asleep till something happens…or commenters who write in to complain about some author’s work without actually reading the book.

Readers’ Rants about Authors:

Authors’ Rants about Readers and Commenters and Reviewers (good information on how to write effective reviews, too):

Everyone’s invited to post their own ‘rants’ – let’s get a discussion going!