Sarabande Books seeks anecdotes about poets and literary writers and career success


Jeffrey Skinner and Leslie McGrath are working on a project about the careers of poets and literary prose writers. How do poets and other literary writers move ahead in their careers (other than via their blazing talent?) This is your chance to share the anecdotes you’ve only told your closest friends. We’re interested only in the stories, not in names and places. We offer anonymity and gratitude in exchange. And, if we use your anecdote, a free copy of the resulting book.

Please email your anecdotes to <mcgrath.leslie(at)> (replace (at) with @) by July 1, 2010 under the heading “Book Anecdote.”

Essays and cartoons related to raising children with ADD and other conditions

Updated Call for Submissions: Essays & Cartoons!

Is your child easy to love, but hard to parent? DRT Press is seeking personal
essays written by parents of children with ADD, ADHD and/or other mental,
emotional, and behavioral disorders for a book about the experience of parenting
children with such conditions, for publication (expected) in Spring 2011.
Compensation includes 10 copies of the completed book and unlimited discounted
copies. The book will be co-edited by author/editor/publisher Adrienne Ehlert
Bashista, Publisher, DRT Press and Kay Marner, a freelance writer who
contributes regularly to ADDitude magazine, and blogs for
We’re thrilled to announce that everyone’s favorite ADHD expert, Dr. Edward
, will write the introduction for the book. Hallowell, a renowned
psychiatrist, is the bestselling author of 16 books, including ADHD classics
Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction, and the newer,
inspiration-filled Super Parenting for ADD. Hallowell’s involvement takes Bless
Your Heart
one giant leap toward becoming what we dream it will be—a source of
affirmation and inspiration to parents raising kids who make it a challenge to
stay one step ahead in the parenting game.
***NEW***(Updated 5/2010) In addition to essays, we are now seeking comic strips
which illustrate the same topics. Comics will be printed in black and white
only; no color. Because creating comics requires a specific skill set,
contributions will be accepted from persons who are not parents and caregivers
of challenging children, as well as those who are, as long as the work captures
the parenting experience. Contributors will receive the same compensation, and
accept the same marketing responsibilities, as essayists (described in the
complete Call for Submissions—link below).
The deadline for submissions has been extended through June 2010. If you are
interested in contributing, but need additional time, please email
<kay(at)> (replace (at) with @).
For more information visit
may be directed to kay(at) (replace (at) with @), and answers to FAQ’s can be found at

Referential Magazine seeks prose submissions, fiction and nonfiction, during June
Referential Magazine is open year round for “referred” submissions
but from now, until the end of June, we are open for prose submissions
that will be considered as a feature. This for fiction and non-fiction
of any genre. No length requirement but brevity is best.

Guidelines are available on our website referentialmagazine (dot) com

If you are interested in doing editorial work for Referential please send a
query to <refermag(at)> (replace (at) with @) indicating
what type of work you would like to do for an online journal.

-Jessie Carty
Editor, Referential Magazine
Referential Magazine is open year round for “referred” submissions
but from now, until the end of June, we are open for prose submissions
that will be considered as a feature. This for fiction and non-fiction
of any genre. No length requirement but brevity is best.

Guidelines are available on our website referentialmagazine (dot) com

If you are interested in doing editorial work for Referential please send a
query to <refermag (at) gmail (dot) com> (replace (at) with @) indicating
what type of work you would like to do for an online journal.

-Jessie Carty
Editor, Referential Magazine

Please join us for Theano’s Day, Thursday June 24th, and blog to celebrate a woman in philosophy!


Everyone, Synchronized Chaos Magazine and I invite everyone to join our international blogging day, Theano’s Day, Thursday, June 24th, where we write to celebrate women in philosophy!

Link to the Facebook group for Theano’s Day:!/group.php?gid=74564828672&v=info

Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras’ wife Theano was a scholar and intellectual in her own right. Along with helping him raise five children, she put together writings on mathematics, art, beauty, philosophy, and child raising. She is credited with developing the Golden Mean, a crucial idea in aesthetic theory.

By participating on Theano’s Day, you honor and celebrate important women by creating a blog post on June 24th concerning a female philosopher whom you admire, or who intrigues you. As with Ada Lovelace Day, spotlighting women’s contributions to technology, the woman you select may be from any nation, culture, or time period, living or dead…and you may blog in any style or format, using any software in any language.

I selected Theano as a mascot as she represents a work/life balance, an apparently decent and loving wife and mother as well as a scholar and professional. Throughout history and on average women have worked very hard in the background keeping things going by raising children, cooking, maintaining households, helping to earn a living through day-jobs…all very respectable activities. And many have made contributions to philosophy or other fields which may have been overlooked because the women are primarily known for work they have done in their other roles. So Theano’s Day celebrates the philosophical contributions of women and attempts to bring their ideas out in the open to help inform modern society.

You may define ‘philosopher’ as you choose – someone need not have specialized in the field to be discussed in a blog for Theano’s Day. For example, a female novelist, businesswoman, teacher, politician, nun, homemaker may have created a philosophical outlook worth discussing that is apparent through the values that come out through her work in other fields.

Some women to start with if you need help thinking of someone: Hypatia of Alexandria (mathematician and scholar), St. Catherine (mystic and humanitarian), Sor Juana (Mexican nun and intellectual) and Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, each of whom developed a worldview and philosophy through their writings on various subjects.

We encourage as many people as possible from around the world to participate this June 24th. Please make your blogpost public and send us the link so we can read each other’s writing! Also, please pass on the word about Theano’s Day!

Anthology seeks nonfiction writing on how people learn about sexuality

Seeking submissions for Words for Things: How We Learn About Sex, a collection addressing the dawning of sexual awareness and sexuality. What formal and informal messages guide our sexual formation and identity? How does this initiation—literal or metaphorical—affect us in later life? How do we look back on this induction into adulthood, if that’s what it is? From whom do we learn, and what are the consequences? Are there generational and social differences, or is such discovery a constant? We welcome the true, the gross, the mythic, and the humorous, in essays, memoir, creative nonfiction, or poetry. Please no fiction or porn/erotica.

Please email submissions to editors Ed Madden, Ray McManus, and Carl Jenkinson <words4things(at)> (replace (at) with @)
as a Word document (preferred), or mail to Ray McManus, Division of Arts and Letters, University of South Carolina Sumter, 200 Miller Road, Sumter, South Carolina 29150-2498.

Deadline for submission: September 1, 2010.

Hila Ratzabi, Sarah Lawrence College alumni, seeks submissions for an essay anthology on women in interfaith long-term relationships where one partner is Jewish

I am a graduate of the MFA in Writing program at Sarah Lawrence College and am developing an essay anthology that will feature essays by women who are in (or have been in) an interfaith relationship or marriage, in which one of the partners is Jewish (the contributors may be the Jewish or non-Jewish partner). An amorphous body of this literature is floating around the internet, notably on the Sociology books on the topic of Jewish intermarriage abound, as do practical guidebooks for marriage and parenting. But what is often missing from the existing literature are human stories. This collection of personal essays will focus specifically on women’s stories, about the joys and challenges of their relationships, their experiences with child-rearing, how they relate to their communities and families, how they create their own identities in the unique “liminal zone” of the interfaith relationship.
I am looking for, first and foremost, great, well-written, vivid personal stories. I welcome published and unpublished authors to submit their essays/stories. The length may be 1,000-2,000 words (but I am open to any reasonable length, shorter or longer). The tone/style should not be polemical or sentimental, just an honest and compelling non-fiction personal narrative. (You may want to take a look at the excellent anthology, Half/Life, edited by Laurel Snyder and published by Soft Skull Press, which features the stories of adults who were raised in Jewish interfaith homes.)
– I’m focusing only on Jewish interfaith relationships, because the phenomenon in the Jewish community takes on a very particular valence that distinguishes it from the phenomenon in other communities, even as there may be some overlap
– There are many wonderful narratives told by men in interfaith relationships, but I believe it is important to highlight women in this particular anthology. An anthology of men’s essays would be a separate project.
– I invite queer women to submit—you may deserve your own anthology as well, but your interfaith experiences probably have much in common with those of heterosexual women.
– We often hear about Jewish-Christian interfaith relationships—I would love to hear from those in relationships where the non-Jewish partner is also non-Christian.
– For those of you who are poets and fiction writers, I’m looking only for non-fiction, and I love non-fiction written by poets and fiction writers.
– If you consider your relationship inter-something other than faith (culture, race), and one partner identifies as Jewish, I want to hear from you, too.

Please send submissions as a Word attachment (not .docx) to
<interfaithessay(at)> (replace (at) with @ when sending e-mail). Submission deadline is July 1, 2010. Include your name, a short bio, and email address. Responses will be sent by September 1st, 2010. Thank you, and I look forward to reading your stories!
Hila Ratzabi, Editor

Beltway Poetry Quarterly seeks Mid-Atlantic Poets for Special Issue honoring Langston Hughes

Beltway Poetry Quarterly seeks Mid-Atlantic Poets for Special Issue honoring Langston Hughes

Beltway Poetry Quarterly seeks poems for a special themed issue celebrating the legacy of Langston Hughes, co-edited by Katy Richey and Kim Roberts. We seek contemporary poems written about Hughes’s life, in the style of Hughes, or on themes Hughes explored in his writing. We will be reading ONLY during the month of June.

To be eligible, authors must live or work in DC, MD, VA, WV, or DE. Poems may be previously published, but only if copyright has reverted to the author and the poem does not appear elsewhere on the web. Please read the guidelines carefully to ensure that your submission is not disqualified:

• Poems must be received between June 1 and June 30
• Only online submissions accepted; send to <beltwaypoetryquarterly(at)> (replace (at) with @)

• Up to 5 poems, any length, can be sent
• Poems must be sent in the body of your email; no attachments will be opened
• Poets must include full contact information (snail address, phones, e-address) and a one-paragraph bio

All poets will be notified by the end of July. The Langston Hughes Tribute issue will be Volume 12:1, published January 1, 2011. The issue will be published in conjunction with Hughes’s 109th birthday, and the 87th anniversary of his move to Washington, DC.

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Slipstream Magazine seeks poetry for themed issue on Sex, Food, and Death



Theme Issue Planned for 2011
Slipstream is now accepting poetry submissions for its first theme issue in several years. We seek work exploring SEX-FOOD-DEATH. Originally examined back in Issue 14, the theme was so popular we have decided to revisit it. Your interpretation may include one, two, or all three of the subjects. No previously published work. All submissions must include a SASE for response.

Deadline for submissions is: MARCH 1, 2011.

Address submissions to:
Slipstream, Dept. W-1, P.O. Box 2071, Niagara Falls, New York 14301

Dope Magazine seeks submissions

DOPE Magazine Issue 2 is seeking submissions!

This is a one time ALL FEMALE issue.

This will be a perfect bound book with Glossy cover.

What we want:

Poetry, art, Prose, Sex, drugs, rock and roll, photography, erotica, music, burlesque, bondage, smut, any experimental art forms…pretty much anything goes.

Unlike the last issue the subject matter is not confined to drugs. Anything that is good, gets in.

I would really, really prefer only snail mail submissions, however I’ll make exceptions

email submissions must be sent in word Doc or attachment to: <sinncity66613(at)> (replace (at) with @)

mail submissions to:

Please send as much work as you want with a S.A.S.E.

to: Dope Magazine c/o Debbie Kirk

15 Bowen Avenue

Watsonville, CA.


also, send along an email in case I need to communicate with you.

I will review poetry books, however at this time I am not reviewing novels.

Thank You, spread the Word!

Rock music writing anthology seeks submissions

LITnIMAGE fiction editor Roland Goity is co-editing a rock lit anthology with John Ottey. The anthology, which includes illustrations by LITnIMAGE art editor Kimy Martinez, will be distributed as a free e-book and is being produced in collaboration with leading musician site, OnlineRock ( are still looking for a few additional stories to include in the book before it’s released later this year. If you or someone you know might be interested in submitting, you can take a look at the guidelines here: