Chimezie Ihekuna’s drama The Success Story – fourth installment


Please feel welcome to read the previous installments of The Success Story here, here, and here.

Chimezie Ihekuna

At Home…Greg’s Residence


It is a full house. The family—Mr and Mrs Smith, together with Andrew, Jane and Greg—are all in the living room watching a family program on TV, ‘Keeping Your Family Healthy’. a thirty-minute program on Sirius TV. Their eyes are glued to the TV until the program is over.  Mr Smith stares at Mrs Smith, who stares back. Greg, Jane and Andrew sitting together on the long sofa, the last of all furniture in the living room, are reacting differently. Greg has his hands rested on his laps, Jane tries to get the citing remote control sensor to search for other exciting programs on TV while Andrew is checking is phone he picked from his pocket—if there were missed calls. Mr and Mrs Smith, both sitting on their seats, reserved for them to sit when they are around, are excited, having the notion that Greg is reaching the end of his career…He instructs Jane to momentarily switch off the TV. Jane does it reluctantly.

Mr Smith (full of life): Greg, it’s been three days you’ve been at home with us. Since you came back, you’ve only greeted us, nothing more, and nothing less. I know there have been a lot that has happened in the just-concluded semester.

Mrs Smith (Agrees): Yes, your dad is right, Greg. You’ve not opened up to us as to how the semester all went. Are you telling me you didn’t have fun? Didn’t you experience the ups, downs, enjoy the fun and bitterness in school? There are bound to be those! So, what we’re interested in is for you to tell us. We know your academic pursuit is a certainty—Your first-class grade points are evidence. But, I chose to put it this way, ‘There are different sides to a coin’. The long and short of what I’m saying is for you to tell us your experience this semester.

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Announcement and excerpts from Chimezie Ihekuna/Mr. Ben’s upcoming book The Poured-Out Thoughts

Chimezie Ihekuna’s new book The Poured-Out Thoughts will be released soon, so he has sent us a collection of reviews and excerpts from his work. Please enjoy!

Published Excerpts (Mr Ben, my pen name and one of the contributors of the anthology, ”Draw Near To Christ)


Below are some publications of my poems (i own the rights to them, however) (Aside the fact that my poem, ‘My Capability’ won Reward Publishing Poet of the month. Reward Publishing is currently holding the first right to the poem i ‘replaced’ it with the poem, ‘The Tri-angles of being; Me, Myself and )

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Poetry from Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna

The truth about wildfires..
It is an aberration to nature
The substance of fire is being abused
It plunges humanity  into the  ocean of cataclysm
Trees are humanity’s breathing machines
But when  there is an inferno, breathing seizes.
There is always hope
When humanity thinks of making more trees
There  will be free breathing machines.
Hope of the future: seeds of today
Harmony with nature is the pulling-down of wildfires
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Chimezie Ihekuna’s play The Success Story: Part 3

Please read the first installment of Ihekuna’s drama here and the next here. 

We’re serializing this play one scene per issue.

Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna










Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)'s newest book, The Poured-Out Thoughts

Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)’s newest book, The Poured-Out Thoughts

In Greg’s Room…

It is three days to resumption. Greg, the only one in the house, is pacing back and forth his room, thinking becausehe has just completely read through the last chapter of the 150-page ‘Find Your Way Back’. He then forces himself to lie on the ten-inch-thick bed. But restlessness can’t make Greg take a nap after hours of preparation for school. Greg has his clothes properly placed in his medium-sized traveling bag. It is a tasking situation for the eighteen-year-old, having to select the clothes—from a variety of clothes in his white cupboard—he will be wearing throughout the duration of the session.

Meanwhile, Greg’s radio player, placed on a small white table, with a simple standing fan by the side for some cooling effect, is listening to a program on 88.1 Flash FM. The Program aired is: Return To Your Calling. Greg’s restlessness soon turns to comportment:

Hello, I’m XYZ, your anchor woman for today’s program. Listeners at home, school, work and some other places, how are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying your day? I am enjoying mine…

You’re unto 88.1 Flash FM …the station that has your interest at heart!

Today, the program, Return To Your Calling is a second-chance, never-too-late and decide-for-yourself interest dedicated to those who, by virtue of forced conditions and misplaced priorities, have ventured in various endeavours that they shouldn’t have been.

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The Success Story: Drama from Chimezie Ihekuna (Installment 2)


Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna










This is the second installment of Chimezie Ihekuna’s play ‘The Success Story.’ Read the first part here.

At Harp’s Residence…

A bungalow painted blue at the exterior, well-fenced from all sides and beautified by the two grown trees oozing fresh air over a large expanse of land describe the modesty of Harp’s place of living. Greg has stayed at home for three weeks but feels he needs to pay Harp a visit. This is on a Saturday morning at about 9.00AM. Harp’s parents, Mr and Mrs Daniels, are at home to play Greg an august visitor. Greg comes into the house well-rugged, but with just two large-sized seats in the Living Room and a medium-sized dining table, surrounded by four identical foamy chairs to accommodate their siting positions when being served food.

There is a buffet—variety of foods—sizable quantity of prepared rice, prepared chicken flavours and other local and foreign dishes. They can each serve themselves their favourite varieties.

Greg is sited on one of the seats close to the door, watching as Harp and his parents are bringing in from the kitchen, closest to the dining table’s position, cutleries—pairs of fork and knives and fragile plates.

All is finally set…Mr Daniels takes the sitting position of the family head. His wife sits adjacent him while Harp sits opposite. There is an adjacent foamy chair reserved for Greg. Mr. Daniel signals Greg to come over.

Greg joins them… Harp serves himself some spoons of prepared rice, chicken flavours, stew, and juice drink poured into his used jugged-sized cup. Mrs Daniels serves herself the combination of fruit wine—a combination of lemon, water melon, pineapple, and her plate filled with strawberries and mashed potatoes. Mr Daniels is a copy-cat of his wife, when it comes to food preference.

Although Greg is yet to serve himself, Mr. Daniels begins the discussion (his wife and Harp are already eating)

Mr Daniels (Pretends not to know his name at first): What’s your name?

Greg (humbly answers): I go by the names Greg Smith

Mr Daniels: Oh! Are you the one my son talks about whenever he comes to spend the semester at home?

Greg (chuckles mildly): Yes

Mr Daniels: So, you’re that genius at the University of Perth taking everyone by surprise…My son has told me about your exploit—your success and popularity. I’m impressed. So, tell me, what’s your source of inspiration?

Greg: My inspiration has, is and will always….

Mrs Daniels (temporarily stops eating to interrupt the discussion): Mr Daniels, don’t you realize the young man is yet to serve himself. We’ll have more than enough time to interact with him when we’re done eating. Give him a break! He’s going to spend time with us.

(She pose a question to Greg, stares sternly at him) Won’t you?

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Serialized drama from Chimezie Ihekuna: The Success Story

We’ll include a bit of this piece each month until we showcase the entire play.


The Success Story

by playwright Chimezie Ihekuna


Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna


Greg has just finished writing his last examination to mark the end of second semester of his first year at the University of Perth. Having excelled in his first semester with an average grade point of 4.4, he looks forward to a better academic session. At school, Greg is the cynosure of all eyes. He is the point of academic reference by his lecturers and priceless by his colleagues at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is the overall best student all through the first-year level at the College of Engineering.

There is a two-month break period to be spent before the next academic session begins. Greg is revered by his parents, Mr and Mrs Smith. They are the happiest parents on earth! His academic excellence is an inspiration to his younger siblings, Jane and Andrew, both seeking admission, hopefully into the same university.

Despite his success and popularity, however, Greg feels really concerned about his future…



At Home…Greg’s Residence

Greg is intending to spendthe holiday with his family; to be with his two younger siblings, whom he hasn’t seen for over a month, and his parents…Greg arrives home after a 6-hour journey from school. He is being welcomed by Jane who can’t help but to express her happiness seeing her big brother return home in good health.

Jane (seventeen-year-old High school graduate, fair-complexioned, slim-looking and outspoken, hugs Greg): Welcome back home! You’re looking very good!

Greg (looks stressed but expresses his happiness.): Thanks Jane. You’re looking prettier! As they say, ‘The Young shall grow’

Jane (Smiles): It’s in the blood…Wise man indeed!

Greg realizes Jane is the only person that got to the door of the apartment to receive him after pressing the Door’s Bell.

Greg (Feels concerned): Are you the only one in the house? Where are the rest?

Jane (chuckles): Relax, big bro. You’ll know. You just coming back from school…

Greg moves in the Living Room, with his bag resting on his right shoulder. Jane takes it off him to his room and briefly arranges it properly. Sited on the largest sofa of the Living Room, his eyes are glued to the changed orientation. The changed louvers, paintings, Center Table with an aesthetic Monumental Cup on it, new pictures of her mom, dad, and his siblings, electronic gadgets, especially the 32-inch TV and the latest digital decoder, among many other things, are looking like wonders to him.

Greg (talks to himself gently as his pair of eyes gazes at what is making him wonder and Jane is about tidying up his room): Wow! It’s been a while! I remember before leaving for school, the louvers everything used, maybe the change of painting…from blue to white, have all been obsolete. Look at the pictures, except for mine, Jane, Andrew, Mom and Dad, all have their pictures all changed. I will do the same! Happy to be home at this time!

Greg takes a look at his wrist watch and notices that Jane is yet to show up. So, he calls her attention

Greg (shouts her name): Jane!!!

Jane (replies audibly): I will be with you in a jiffy!

Jane rushes down to the sitting room to sit very near her brother. She has to run to meet up because of how somewhat distant Greg’s room is from the Sitting Room

Greg (calls her attention to his question again): Jane, you haven’t answered me. Where are they?

Jane: Relax big brother. They’re all good where they are. First, how has YOUR UNIVERSITY treated you in the past few months?

Greg (answers loosely): Well, it’s been the good, the bad and the ugly. School is…you, know, what you make of it!

Jane: I’m sure you wooed those campus girls, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t

Greg (laughs): You funny, little sister! What makes you think so? I concentrated more on my studies. Remember, I have to come out with good results

Jane: The genius of the house!!! I am proud of you. So…

Greg (cuts in): Where is Andrew? Where are mom and dad? You’ve not answered those questions. I did answer yours. Please answer mine!

Jane stares at him in the face with a mild contempt. She suddenly assume a smiling facial look within a split second!

Jane: Andrew should be at his friend’s place. That should be the next house. Mom and dad went for an occasion. They told us they’ll be back in the next two hours. You didn’t inform me, neither did you inform Andrew of your coming. It’s more likely you didn’t inform mom and dad

Greg (apologizes): I’m sorry I wasn’t able to inform you before time. Reason being that I’d earlier planned to spend the holiday with Harp, a close friend of mine and colleague at school. He had told his parents about me and they really wanted to know who the genius their son has as a friend. But I chose to come spend it here! Nothing like family! But I will sure pay him a visit during the holiday

Jane (inspired): What a remarkable statement. You’ve really made my day… First things first family, then other things come secondary.

Greg stresses the need to see Andrew. Jane is about turning on the TV but Greg calls her attention…

Greg: Can you call Andrew for me?

Jane drops the remote control for switching on the TV to get her phone on the center table. Greg looks on

Jane: Sure. Let me call his number 1234900

The phone rings…Jane places the call on her phone’s Loudspeaker for Greg to hear. It rigs five times before the call is being returned. There are voices at the background of the call as the recipient replies…

Recipient: Hello, who is this?

Jane: It’s me Jane, Andrew’s sister. Is Andrew around?

Recipient: Yes. Hang on there. Let me take the phone to him

The background voices of young guys communicating with each other. Greg and Jane both hear the recipient yell at Andrew’s name, telling him his sister is on the call and wants to speak with him

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Voiceovers from Chimezie Ihekuna

These are examples of voice-over demos from writer and speaker Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben).

Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna


















My Publications (Titles and Links)

All of Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr.Ben)’s work is available here. Wild Dreams Publishing, based out of Australia, will print a collection of Mr. Ben’s work soon. 

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