Poetry from Aloysius S. Harmon


you arrived in the rainy season, later came our kisses during the cold July nights
i remembered the rainy days
& the fire you lit in my body 
when you crawled into my chest making the joints in my bones restless in ecstasy.

our bodies, like the doorknob during a winter night .tight and cold- 
Starring at the image on the wall ,i remembered you left me a memory to cuddle one every morning; maybe with my tears spilling through my smile 
/then, in the autopsy that carried you in the dust/ & in the cloud where you are; or heaven that gets you close to God,
perhaps you will be back in the early sunrise; Outside my window, to paint the walls in my room with songs, like you used to.

Aloysius S. Harmon
Writer/ Poet
Monrovia, Liberia 

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  1. The poem is so lovely! It’s been a long time since I read a love poem. Congratulations!!

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