Poetry from Mahbub

Poet Mahbub

O My Sylph

What to do and not to do

In this circumstance I like to go in touch of

The leaves and seeds of a sycamore tree

The yellowish-green flowers of the long shady tree 

Under which we can sit for taking rest

The blissful birds soothes the eyes

Setting at acute angles,

The carpels of the female flowers mature into a pair of winged fruits

The plant grows in soft wave of wind, willowy and graceful figure

Staring at the growing head and the sky

O my sylph, you are my heart to leap up and down the hill

Refreshing my body and mind

I pass my days and nights

Love and shade, the expressions of beauty

How rhetoric you talk to me!

A feeling in the moonlit starry sky, the ocean rises within

Shake me up from dying out in darkness. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Life Yearns for

Why are we breaking down

In this misty darkness?

Why are you clapping so loud

In this gray evening?

The White Silence of awe

Embarks on the long line of pathos

The ceaseless flow of the tides

The timid humanity whispers

Seeming sacrilege – the maggot’s life

A journey towards the deadly world

Tremble at the audacity, frightening around

Though life yearns for the life of immortality.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


The Betrayal Of Glaucus

Disclosing the secrets Glaucus, the king of Corinth

Caused a great harm for himself

To vie with you is not my nature

Crossing the land with the goats, lambs, or cows

Across the lonely green fields

And talk to the lambs

A force to live with man and nature

The furious tiger follows me running so fast

But I fly over its mouth, burning eyes

Not being able to have me in its paw

Instead I saw its tame-looking eyes

In this deep green field

I observe the dear’s eyes as beautiful as you

The pet tiger is out roaming with me

A shove back from the track

I still drive around the way – my fascinating power

The secret that must be obeyed

Though every moment it walks on the shadow

How enjoyable the fleshes of Glaucus to the horses!

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


On The Dewy Grass

I walk on the grass

In this winter dew-wet grass

The morning glitters on the colorful light of the sun

In a moment the world seems to be covered in the mist

The dense white fog deepens the earth

So many lights from so many vehicles before and after

On the way itching the eyes

The dense white fog retards the speed

The drowsy hand on the steering

Leaving behind the grave memory

We start in the morning and finishes at night

Can we imagine the dream in the ceaseless sleeping hours?

While walking in the dew-wet grass what a glow!

Peeping through the leaves of the large Neem Tree!

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


One Man France

Why are you killing the religion of the world?

Why you open the pages for belittling the brain utilized for?

Don’t you see the world goes upside down?

The Caricature of Prophet Mohammad (Sm.)

Why is this dark image you play for what?

This is not the freedom we attain and sustain for

This is my mirror; I see my face and respect

That is yours; only you can see and be devoted

We all are in the best condition of the hearts built the state for

Who likes to change the border? Let them do?

I live for you, you for me

We are all the same blood

Flowing through the veins pumping the hearts

The same head, eyes or all the same the human structure

That made us different from animals

Though the isle is different for walking and living

I don’t know who Zeus or Aphrodite is

So many gods we see in so many things -a mystery indeed

What a wonderful imagination; knowledge and vision

Can you open the riddle?

Most of us like to live in this world of perseverance

Though there be some exceptions

Then why is this caricature of Prophet Mohammad (Sm.)?

In the name of secularism why is this hatred on Islam?

Burning the world so furious, dear France?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh