Poetry from Mark Young

 Room 281
 A divination of entropy, in
 which people pass but
 collide with one another
 in corridors that then be-
 come impassable. When he
 found her, she was reading
 an Icelandic detective story,
 somewhat convoluted as well 
 as full of multi-syllable patro-
 nymic or matronymic names. 
 The building that housed the 
 radio telescope was caught by 
 sunlight, then let down gently.
 Its message bank was empty.
 Later he walked home alone. 
 From the Pound Cantos: CENTO XXV
 Propped between chairs & 
 table, torches melt in the glare. 
 Flame leaps from the hand, 
 the rain is listless, the leaves are
 full of voices. Our bodies also
 heavy with weeping. Time
 spent knocking at empty rooms,
 stubborn against the fact. 
 An ex-convict out of Italy, 
 water running off from his twis-
 ted arms, swung for a moment 
 & knocked me into the black 
 snout of a porpoise gripping the
 blue-gray glass of the wave. 
 A line from Jimi Hendrix
 Despite it being a culturally
 inclusive environment, delive-
 ring messages intended for
 airborne bacteria presents a
 unique challenge. Because of
 constant barriers — such as a 
 vacuum cleaner able to rescue 
 a dog from a mini iceberg — there
 is only ever one way in. Test the 
 water, & in time find that the most 
 efficient method is to hide them in
 a radio program full of mirrors.
 languor longer
 He thought indo-
 lence might be a 
 group of languages 
 along the lines of 
 but found he didn't
 have sufficient 
 drive to look it up. 

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Mark Young

  1. Great poems, Mark! I especially love the image of “a vacuum cleaner able to rescue a dog from a mini iceberg” in “A line from Jimi Hendrix”.

  2. Years ago fatefully purchased a copy of Pound’s Cantos and had my eyes as if opened to a whole other world. The Cento XXV here so wonderfully crafted revives that wonder initially felt. I am as if re-animated and this so every time I encounter the poetry of Mark Young. Many thanks for this!

  3. Great work!
    Enjoyed every moment, as I had the wind at my back the entire time.

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