Poetry from Nibana Dahal


To get you,
I clash a lot,
I gazed many times
while dreaming of you !!

I honoured you,
And questioned 
"Why I am standing here?" 
Finally, I came to know, only to get you !!

I came to know,
It isn't easy to get you,
So, I promised myself,
I never resist my dream because of you !!

To get you,
I was just like lunatic,
I couldn't analyse it.
"Who am I ?"
It wasn't detrimental,
To get you,
but wasn't easy to get you !!

I decline my incline,
I think it was your omen,
To me,
to be grabbed by me !!

I never get noble,
I always rushed,
To get you,

To the rowdy,
you are rare.
But to me,
Without you I am bare.!!

With the grace of god,
I want you,
And can't express my joy to be the devotee of you !!

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