Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

A Great Witness

The stars wept last night

never knew they could

tears in the universe

fell and spread

in a slow swirling mist

all because of us

on our little planet of blue

never knew our sadness

had such a great witness

carried so far into the heavens

perhaps we are worth more

than we ever thought….


They’re making fun of us again

Us seeing hope in every sunset

Us standing barefoot

In the cold rush of the sea

Us tingling after a kiss

First kiss never forgetting

Us loving hard and deep

No matter how much pain

Us crying endless tears

For our children

Us raising our hands with prayer

Each and every sunrise.

Chaos Slain

Something happening seemingly everywhere

a yearning

for the correct course of change

many have their ideas

their philosophies

all pointing in different directions

such a chaos in itself

so simple

the truth told a long time ago

so close

we have forgotten its touch

looking up

past the darkness

and light of stars

there is a Kingdom

of forgiveness

the only way

within reach of our searching hearts.