Art from Channie Greenberg

Scattering of overlapping yellow, pink, purple and light green dots.
Again, Spring
Non-overlapping yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, and blue dots of varying sizes on a light blue background.
Square image of overlapping dots of all colors against a green and purple background.
Green, yellow, and blue and red dots, sparsely arranged on a pink background. Orange and lighter pink designs are scribbled on the background.
Orange, purple, yellow, blue and green dots, not overlapping and on an orange background.
Pink, blue, yellow, purple, and green dots overlapping on a yellow background.
Textured yellow and orange and yellow dots and some dark green and orange lines on a purple background.
Party Cleanup
Non-overlapping dots, yellow, green, blue, orange and red and purple on a pink background.
Quietly Happy
Many overlapping yellow, green, blue and purple dots on a purple background.
Non-overlapping yellow, pink, green, blue and orange dots on a dark purplish red background.
The Wonders of the Universe