Art from Jack Galmitz

Flores para las Muertes
when the lights went out
I was holding her thumb
it was a masquerade party
and she was dressed as a clown
her hand was a rubber glove
and the thumb was gigantic 
I pressed to feel her dainty thumb beneath it
and wondered if it was warm 
in answer she put her pointer finger in my mouth
and moved it about like a hunter
then there were two and they grabbed
my tongue you know between them
she pulled and she went up and down with them
when she got three in I thought this might be wrong
I was a good boy and believed in God and this
seemed a commandment breaker though I couldn't
think of which chapter and verse
anyway she went for four and thrust
her hand in my mouth in and out and in and
I was moved and she was also
I heard her panting
she was a gymnast and jumped on the horse
and pulled me up with her and there
in the dark she was on all fours like a mare
in a corral in the sunset waiting for a steed
she thrust her dripping hand without the glove
down my pants and squished me like I was a mouse
and smeared my head until I was an acceptably big 
and she pulled down her pants and it was dark
and I couldn't see so she guided me in
and I rode her on the horse like a gymnast 
and she said I had to meet her mother
she'd arrange it her father had died years gone by
when the elevator he rode snapped its cable
and he tumbled down and his heart gave out
before he landed but she said her mother 
had to approve of me if we were to go together
and marry and have babies
and she would she was Jewish and I was, too,
so I had that much going 
bring a babka cake and sweet wine
you'll make an impression
which I did and never regretted it