Poetry from Wazed Abdullah

Young South Asian boy with short black hair and a light blue collared shirt.
Wazed Abdullah

The Tragedy of Gaza 

In Gaza's tragedy, a tale unfolds, 
Of broken dreams and stories untold. 
Where children's laughter mingles with fear, 
And sorrow's shadow stays near. 
In destroyed streets, hearts ache and mourn, 
Yet from the ashes, resilience is born. 
In Gaza's situation, a request for peace, 
May hope's gentle whispers never cease.

Wazed Abdullah is a student of grade nine in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

Poetry from Muntasir Mamun Kiron

Young South Asian preteen boy in a white shirt school uniform and with short brown hair.
Muntasir Mamun Kiron

Waltz of Electrons

In the realm of circuits and code,
Where electrons dance, secrets unfold.
Technology, our modern muse,
Weaves dreams in lines of binary hues.

Science, the seeker of truth profound,
Observes the cosmos, its mysteries unbound.
Through telescopic eyes, it peers afar,
Unraveling galaxies, each distant star.

Together they waltz, hand in hand,
In laboratories and cyberspace land.
Science whispers equations to the wind,
While Technology builds bridges to begin.

From silicon valleys to particle streams,
They birth innovations, like celestial beams.
Quantum leaps and bytes of insight,
They illuminate our world, day and night.

So raise a glass to this harmonious pair,
For they propel us forward, beyond compare.
In the symphony of progress, they play their part,
Technology and Science—a dance of heart.

Muntasir Mamun Kiron is a student of grade 10 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

Poetry from Nosirova Gavhar

Central Asian teen girl with straight dark long hair, brown eyes, a blue collared shirt and her head in her hand.
Nosirova Gavhar


White dim curtains began to cover the blue sky. The wind is blowing the smell of rain and wet asphalt. On the side of the road, a child hugged his cane, spread a handkerchief on the ground in front of him, and looked at the passers-by with hope. Some hurriedly left without even paying attention to the child, while others
tried to tell him that the rain which came in a downpour. As soon as the child began to move slowly, it rained by nature’s inexhaustible will. No one was left on the street. 

The poor child, leaning on his cane, managed to become a wet in no
time. At the beginning of the street, headed towards a rich man’s magnificent built house. Approaching the gate, he rang the bell and saw that the broad-shouldered rich man’s upward looking eyebrows did not suit his serious appearance at all. At that moment in a rough voice:

- What do you need, orphan?
- I came to seek refuge with temporarily, shivering with clothes clinging to my body and even my ribs. Can’t you shelter from one side of your yard until the rain stops? Said the child.

The rich man insulted him and slammed the door shut. From under her reddened eyelids, coral tears dripped onto my heart. I called the child, helped him and led him to my small hut. The hiccups that came out of his voice were like human moans coming out of the basement without sound. He was staring at the sky at night. The sky seemed to rage unceasingly and the grassy lines flashing. The ground trembled and screams were heard. Because the child has no legs and relies
on a cane, we didn’t catch up to go out and stayed inside the house.

While we were praying, dawn was breaking through the window. The child reached for his cane, eager to leave. Helping him out, I saw a rich man with his head in his hands. The magnificent house of the rich man could not withstand the rage of the earth in one night. As people slowly surrounded the area, among them the rich man’s face was pale, his legs were motionless, his lips were trembling, and his eyes were looking at the child with pain and regret….

Nosirova Gavhar was born on August 16, 2000 in the city of Shahrisabz, Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. Today, she is a third-year student of the Faculty of Philology of the Samarkand State University of Uzbekistan. Being a lover of literature, she is engaged in writing stories and poems. Her creative works have been published in Uzbek and English. In addition, she is a member of «All India Council for Development of Technical Skills», «Juntos por las letras» of Argentina, «2DSA Global Community». Winner of the «Korabl znaniy» and «Talenty Rossii» contests, holder of the international C1 level in the Russian language, Global Education ambassador of Wisdom University and global coordinator of the Iqra Foundation in Uzbekistan. «Magic pen holders» talented young group of Uzbekistan, «Kayva Kishor», «Friendship of people», «Raven Cage», «The Daily Global Nation», Argentina;s «Multi Art-6», Kenya’s «Serenity: A compilation of art and literature by women» contains creative works in the magazine and anthology of poets and writers.

Poetry from Faleeha Hassan

Young Central Asian woman with a green headscarf and a dark colored blouse and brown hair and eyes.
Faleeha Hassan

War’s Drizzle

Our mothers, who loved us more than we do ourselves,
Were baffled by wars.
They forgot to anoint our lives with balms to ward off battles.
That’s why every time a king sobers up
And slips on victory’s shoes, crafted from the skins of loyal soldiers,
And breathlessly
Delivers rotten orations
From the dais of prevarication,
Once he opens his mouth
The words’ that drizzle spatters us,
And our lives fester with
War’s abscesses.

She is a poet, teacher, editor, writer, and playwright born in Najaf, Iraq, in 1967, who now lives in the United States. Faleeha was the first woman to write poetry for children in Iraq.
She received her master's degree in Arabic literature, and has now published 26 books, her poems have been translated into English, Turkmen, Bosnian, Indian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Spain, Korean, Greek, Serbia, Albanian, Pakistani, Romanian, Malayalam, Chinese, ODIA, Nepali and Macedonian language. She is the Pulitzer Prize Nomination 2018,
PushCart Prize Nomination 2019.
Member of International Writers and Artists Association.
Winner of the Women of Excellence Inspiration award from SJ magazine 2020,
Winner of the Grand Jury Award (the Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021)
One of the Women of Excellence selection committees 2023
Winner of women the arts award 2023
Member of Whos’ Who in America 2023
Cultural Ambassador - Iraq, USA
Email : d.fh88@yahoo.com

Poetry from Maja Milojkovic

Younger middle aged white woman with long blonde hair, glasses, and a green top and floral scarf and necklace.
Maja Milojkovic

House by the Sea 

On the shore of the blue sea, 
Stands a house, white as snow, 
Under the wind it rustles, bringing cold through the window, 
While gray ravens circle the sky, as if reading fate. 
Seagulls soar over the waves, 
Causing unrest with their cries, 
While the scent of salt beckons the soul to journey, 
Into the endless blue, where the sky touches the water. 
In that house by the sea, 
You hear only silence, except for the whispering of the wind, 
And the sounds of waves caressing the shore, 
As love envelops the heart with its warmth. 
Gray ravens, seagulls, sea, and wind, 
Become part of the landscape, part of the story of life, 
In which every emotion is reflected, 
Like waves that caress the shore, over and over again.

Maja Milojković was born in 1975 in Zaječar, Serbia.
She is a person to whom from an early age, Leonardo da Vinci's statement "Painting is poetry that can be seen, and poetry is painting that can be heard" is circulating through the blood.
That's why she started to use feathers and a brush and began to reveal the world and herself to them.
As a poet, she is represented in numerous domestic and foreign literary newspapers, anthologies and electronic media, and some of her poems can be found on YouTube.
Many of her poems have been translated into English, Hungarian, Bengali and Bulgarian due to the need of foreign readers.
She is the recipient of many international awards.
"Trees of Desire" is her second collection of poems in preparation, which is preceded by the book of poems "Moon Circle". 
She is a member of the International Society of Writers and Artists "Mountain Views" in Montenegro,and shealso is a member of the Poetry club "Area Felix" in Serbia.

Poetry from Mahbub Alam

Middle aged South Asian man with reading glasses, short dark hair, and an orange and green and white collared shirt. He's standing in front of a lake with bushes and grass in the background.
Mahbub Alam

A Sound of the Body

The world with its ecosystem has a physical body
Where we live and die - the elements are inter related 
As the sky with its stars and planets 
The human body - with its flesh and blood
Good or harmful deeds- feeling bright or sick
Time is passing so rapid that makes it aged, decay and die
The condition is the same for body of us and the earth
By the cutting down of so much trees 
The weather getting imbalanced day by day
Takes it so hot and dry, breaks the banks of the rivers 
Seeping the oil on the waters
It is as if the hungers feed
Emitting the carbon dioxide much on water and surface
That the greenhouse effect we suffer from the terrible heat of the sun
The life is changing to decay, die day by day
Because of its misuse of everything, ignoring all we should have
As the sight of the disbelieving incidents of the earth
Feeling sleepy at the time of raining, I go to my bed
In the sunlight or moonlit night 
I walk on the carpeted ground with its beautiful green
How far the glorious fitness of the body will continue
The condition of my body inside and outside speaks out, speaks out.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh,
12 April, 2024.

Md. Mahbubul Alam is from Bangladesh. His writer name is Mahbub John in Bangladesh. He is a Senior Teacher (English) of Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh. Chapainawabganj is a district town of Bangladesh. He is an MA in English Literature from Rajshahi College under National University. He has published three books of poems in Bangla. He writes mainly poems but other branches of literature such as prose, article, essay etc. also have been published in national and local newspapers, magazines, little magazines. 

He has achieved three times Best Teacher Certificate and Crest in National Education Week in the District Wise Competition in Chapainawabganj District. He has gained many literary awards from home and abroad. His English writings have been being published in an International Online Magazine - Synchronized Chaos from America for seven years. 

Poetry from Graciela Noemi Villaverde

Light skinned Latina woman with reddish blonde shoulder length hair, curly at the ends. She's got brown eyes and red lipstick and a small necklace, black jacket and floral black blouse.
Graciela Noemi Villaverde
I come from that yesterday, with creaks 
real broncos, and tenacious in step 
of the times, which do not stop coming out in this present. 
From the same secret viscera. 
My fury here matures and I listen to it
I listen to myself in meditation 
God himself breaks the obstacle of his perfect eternity 
and touches my trusting heart 
I am the one who modifies
Ruthless warrior 
I come and go from yesterday, she slipped me, 
I sink into the pure soul… 
And although with many sorrows on my back, 
I continue at a firm pace, without fear of the sun. 
The feelings continue in myself and expand, 
To return to the center and start over.

GRACIELA NOEMI VILLAVERDE writer. Poet from Concepción del Uruguay (Entre Rios) Argentina. Based in Buenos Aires She graduated in letters, author of seven books. Poetry genre. Awarded several times worldwide. She works as she, World Manager of Educational and Social Projects, of the Hispanic World Union of Writers .UHE World Honorary President of the same institution Activa de la Sade, Argentine Society of Writers. Commissioner of honor in the executive cabinet IN THE EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RELATIONS DIVISION, of the UNACCC SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA CHAPTER.