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Connie Pwll Tyler’s Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet


The Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet by Connie Pwll Tyler is a fantasy novel in four parts. It would be perfect for adults and older teens. Even though this is a fantasy, it is also pertinent to events of intolerance in the world today. It takes place in Arundel. Arundel is a small town with residents that claim to be Christians, but are filled with hearts of hatred and intolerance toward others who are different. Giselle Raphael is a teacher who takes a drive into Arundel and finds a calling to stay. She buys a home that others in the town call strange or haunted or evil. It is near some woods that the townspeople also call evil, but is anything but.

Giselle learns that she and a few others are a type of shape shifter. The shape shifters want to rid the world of the growing prejudice and evil. The Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet is an excellent novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the very end. If you enjoy fantasy this is an excellent novel for your home library or as a gift. School will be out in a few months and this would make a great gift for a teen or young adult.

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