Essay from Abdusodiqova Fotima Adham qizi

Sometimes when we are in trouble, when our pain is crushing our heart, we want to feel relieved by telling someone about it.

Because a human being is born with feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness in his heart. But we do not think that the people who are listening to us have bigger problems than yours, that is, your speech is almost not interesting to them.

Most of them don’t want to hear you, but most of them are happy that you are a pain. It’s a bitter truth.

Let’s not tell our pain to those who suffer like us, but to Allah, the Healer of all hearts. After all, He sent these pains so that my servant would come closer to me, so that he could be relieved by telling me his pain, so what are we going to do by knocking on the wrong doors?

As long as we say yes, it is not necessary to stand in queues for the reception of our Doctor, if we raise our hands together to the sky, He will hear us and answer us…