Essay from Davronova Lobar

In fact, eloquent people who give speeches on big platforms and can freely express their opinion in front of the public are born with this talent “infected” by God. One out of ten people who do not shy away from the public eye can be found today. So, is it possible to overcome this fear and what are the methods? Let’s discuss this topic!

 First of all, we should treat this quality as a talent, because every person has a unique and appropriate talent. After all, if he doesn’t do it himself, it’s useless! In the words of Hazrat Navoi, the psychology of people who speak “little and nothing” is generally more subdued than others. In some cases, this condition is explained by the inability to express one’s thoughts and speech in the language – written speech is good and oral speech is not well developed, while in others it is defined as a character that is passed from generation to generation. This is also the reason why the verb “pulled to so-and-so (grandfather, father…)” is used.

 But on the other hand, in most cases, overcoming this fear is not “incurable”. In my opinion, a person who is afraid to express his words in front of an audience has grown up in an environment where his opinions are not listened to and his views are not taken into account. Only a child whose mouth is immediately closed when he tries to speak, and whose questions remain mostly unanswered due to neglect and indifference, can grow into such a panic-stricken person in the future.

 As a solution and conclusion, I would ask parents to listen to their children in any situation, to raise them in a free environment, not to set excessive limits and prohibitions… In addition, as a young representative of society, I recommend to my peers to read more fiction books and works. After all, there is no doubt that a person who has read a lot of books will have a fluent language, a fluent speech, and a clear life path.

 Davronova Lobar. Uzbekistan