Essay from Dildora Toshtemirova

Vocational School #2
Vocational school No. 2, Koshtepa district, Fergana region. In this vocational school, young people are directed to various professions and trades. Vocational school has various directions.

1 Car body repair.
2 Repair and maintenance of car engines.
3 Tractor driver
4 Tailor
5 Electro-manteur
6 Car electrical and electronic equipment servicing.
7 We can cite computer graphics design and operator directions as an example.
In this school, all conditions are created for young people.
Students can apply the knowledge they have acquired during the lesson in the process of practical training.
As an example, we can say that all conditions are created for the students of the computer graphic design room in this room. And provided with enough computer equipment. Through computers, they study the fields of IT and graphic design. And in the future, they can get a job based on the fields they have studied in school.
Nowadays, due to the high interest of schoolchildren in the profession, schools also guide young people to the profession.

The main goal of these works is to ensure employment of young people in the future.

Toshtemirova Dildora Hakim qizi. 
Born on October 9, 2008 in Uzbekistan.

Roziyeva is the daughter of Gulbahor Hasanboy.
She was born on September 7, 2006, Koshtepa district, Fergana region. Currently, she is a 2nd year student at KHM No. 2, Koshtepa district.

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  1. I went to university and graduate school. This year, I really wish I had taken courses in car repair, instread. 🙁

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