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Diyora Abdujabborova

Abdujabborova Diyorabonu Oblokhlovna

Today’s woman’s role in society

Honoring a woman and showing respect to her is one of the noble characteristics of the Uzbek people. In this sense, a lot of work is being done in Uzbekistan to strengthen the place and position of women in society. The President of our country highly appreciates the place and role of women in society, protects their rights and interests, creates the necessary conditions for our women to become knowledgeable, modern specialists, qualified professionals, and build healthy and strong families.

First of all, the birth of a healthy child and its upbringing, the protection of mothers’ and children’s health is the most important task in the constant attention of our state and society. A woman’s role in the family and in our modern developing society is extremely important. Isn’t it in the hands of us women to bring up children, make them mature, and educate young people who will contribute to the development of our country, so that every boy and girl can find their own way in the future? In fact, at present, bringing out the potential of women in our society, strengthening their role in raising a mature generation, and ensuring their active participation in our comprehensive reforms has become one of the priority directions of our state’s policy.

The basis of our life, the vision and the future of our nation will be women. Today, with her mind, knowledge and talent, hard work and enthusiasm, she shakes up the decisive areas of life – whether it is family management, state and community management, medicine, education, culture and science development. Whether it is farming activity or small business entrepreneurship, women have been performing such complex tasks effectively. Today’s woman’s knowledge, talent, intelligence, creativity and creativity are surprising the world once again.

in Boyovut district of Sirdarya region

 13th general secondary school

 Promoter of Creative Cultural Issues

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