Essay from Farangiz Safarova

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Farangiz Safarova

The father, who was the guardian of the Motherland in his youth, and who protected every inch of his country like the apple of his eye, is now retired. grandfather loved his profession more than his life and worked tirelessly until retirement. Now he is alone at home with his wife. At first, they were busy with their work and spent time visiting their relatives. A month passed, something called him to his old office. He went to his office, turned around and walked along the paths he used to walk. grandfather wanted his children to become soldiers, and raised them from a young age by playing sports. 

Unfortunately, they did not choose this profession. The eldest son is an ambassador abroad, and the youngest son works in a tourism company and travels around the world. The military father married them. She had grandchildren, but she could not hold them when she wanted, because her children and their families had gone to the country where they were working. When he misses his children, when he sleeps at night, he wakes up from the agony of seeing them in his dreams. But he did not let his women notice this, he was always laughing. Time flows like water, years seem to pass like the wind, sometimes it's summer, sometimes it's winter, but I still have the same thought, the same dream, and I want to return to my work. 

One day, he made a phone call and gave the happy news that we will go on a honeymoon in the next few days. Hearing this, the fathers were full of joy, and the fathers made soup and cooked various dishes with their wives and waited eagerly. And those moments came. He was happy to see his children, and he was happy to see that his grandchildren had grown up so much. His wife was crying. Seeing this situation, his sons decided not to go back. "I will be by your side," my father used to say. 

The father took his grandchildren to his workplace. It was obvious that they love their profession. The only thing that made him happy was that even though his grandchildren grew up abroad, he listened to his grandfather's words and followed them. But they did not fire the father's son. His immediate return to work had to take his children with him. Unable to tell his father, he finally decided. "I will take you too. "I will not leave you alone," he said. Grandfather remained in peace. He didn't want to leave, but he thought that he would be able to see his grandchildren again, so he agreed to leave. 

Father and mother did not like another country and wanted to return to their village. In the meantime, the father was not in the mood and ordered his son to take him to my village as soon as possible. He had no choice but to say that His child is going to be patient because he has a lot of work. In November, they bought tickets and set off. Grandfather was in a constant hurry, walking ahead as if he would die before he could catch up. A 6-hour drive and they arrived at the destination. Grandfather looked out of the window and whispered, "You are my country." The women waved, "Don't sleep, get up, we've landed, we're going down." Grandfather passed away at this time. 

Their faces were smiling happily. The reason is that they died in their country, in their land, in their homeland, which once protected every corner of their land. Yes, grandfather's dreams have come true. His grandsons became soldiers and received the title of Colonel General.

Safarova Farangiz, 19 years old. 2nd year student of the Faculty of Korean Language of the International University of Kimyo. Teacher and founder of online Korean language courses "hangug-eo with Farangiz". Head of the Social Protection Department of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, 5 years of experience and volunteering.

Official guest of Stars International University Conference. Graduate of "Future Scientific Girls Community Educational Exchange Program". About 30 participants of offline and online conferences.
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