Essay from Farangiz Safarova

Farangiz Safarova

During his life, a person encounters various obstacles, stumbles, falls, and at the same time learns to stand up and realizes that life goes on. These stumbles and failures mature a person. The more a person stumbles, the more experienced he is. Hikmat, who doesn’t want to face such obstacles, does something and if it doesn’t work out, he doesn’t try it again. He is afraid of failure. He was afraid to try new experiences. At night, he made intentions that I would not face any obstacles and that all my work would be successful. As if his intentions were fulfilled, he looked forward to all his work and succeeded in everything. He found his profession. He got a house and a car, got married. As if he lived without any obstacles or shortcomings. He would not have the stumbling blocks that everyone has. He achieved all his wishes. Life without obstacles was only in him.

One day he made a small mistake at work and was afraid that this mistake would turn into a big one. After that, he deleted the necessary documents from his office computer as invalid and lost his job. After that, one unlucky day began to pass. these days have come too. His life has completely changed, and he started dreaming that it’s all over for me. He was very backward and lost everything. And he met a good person. He told the man what he had seen. A wise person said, “You believed that you thought good things, that’s it. You thought bad things, and it turned out bad. This is life, my friend. When you encounter obstacles, try to think only about the positive and the good side. The main thing is not to stop moving. If you fall, get up again, then you will succeed one day. What they said, think that it was for goodness.

Safarova Farangiz, 19 years old. 2nd year student of the Faculty of Korean Language of the International University of Kimyo