Essay from Fayzullo Usmonov

Fayzullo Usmonov


               During my years in college , I went to additional courses in mathematics and physics to enter the University and began to study and prepare . We had a lot of cattle at home , and besides , we were growing cucumbers and tomatoes in our three greenhouses, so I had almost no time to do my tasks at home, and I was doing my tasks in college . In the morning , we used to get up from dawn and first stretch cucumbers, and then we and my mother milked cows . Both my mother and I were very snoring in the morning . Then my mother went to the market to sell cucumbers , and I went to another market to sell milk yoghurts . In the morning I bought milk at the market and went to my aunt’s house near the college . I would eat breakfast there, throw the milk bottles in their house, and break into college .To be honest, I was not respected much in college and I spent my time only preparing lessons. Every day my brothers would go to play video games or play football and spend their time in this place. On one of the usual days, it was our group leader’s lesson, and I was always busy with tasks.              

After some time, the noise of my group mates got louder, naturally our teacher got very angry and started cursing everyone. I didn’t know why I looked bad in his eyes, he began to scold me more. Although I was sitting quietly in class, our teacher began to scold me for being quiet. Rosa scolded her and finally said, get it together, these are your math and physics courses, you won’t be able to enter the university anyway. At that time, I wanted to beat my teacher to death, but I restrained myself. A long time passed, I graduated from college and applied to the university. The day of the exam was fixed and I went to the exam with my mother. The exam was as expected, but full of excitement. Now I started waiting for the exam results. And the expected days came, and I was on the list of those who entered the university, but the payment was based on a contract. People in my house were very happy and said that great victories are waiting for you.

          After a long wait, I went to the university, where we were divided into groups, and soon I was chosen as the group captain. As my parents said, after that, I started to win one after another. I remember very well, it was winter days, but I saw the students in their usual uniforms and my head was very beautiful. On the same day, they took me and other talented students of the university to a meeting with the governor of the region. We were very happy and sat in the front rows. In the middle of the event, I was going out to drink water, and suddenly I saw my teacher who taught me in college, yes, of course, he was the same teacher who told me that you cannot enter the university. He was shocked and after a while he said what are you doing here. I proudly said that they brought the talented students of the university to the meeting with the mayor and that I was among them. But what my teacher said to me could not be said.