Essay from Federico Wardal

Artsy out-of-focus photo of a young olive skinned man with short scruffy black hair, brown eyes, stage makeup, and a jacket with green glitter. He's got painted nails and stands in front of a red background.
Federico Wardal

“Fellini’s Mastorna …a film of no return,“ the movie most talked about in film history, finally was finished by Jennifer Glee. 

Federico Fellini wrote the script for The Journey of Mastorna in 1965 at the top of his worldwide fame and two years later he created Fellini 8 1/2.

He chose Marcello Mastroianni as the protagonist. 

After 11 years, in 1976, Fellini gave me the Mastorna script and invited me to play two characters, but didn’t specify which ones. Fellini was in a strange creative process, which for Mastorna would have had no end. 

But Fellini, in Fellini 8 1/2, speaks through Marcello Mastroianni that he didn’t know how to finish the film! 

The fact of not wanting to finish a film for which there is already a precise script, means, for Fellini, that he has already made the film! 

Actually if you put together all Mastorna’s scenes filmed over the course of 28 years, you could have Mastorna, but, of course, without Fellini’s signature. 

After 1993, many directors tried to make the film Mastorna, but only Jennifer Glee has successfully done that. 

In short, Jennifer Glee made her contribution to the Fellini 100 by coming with me to Hollywood and presenting the film at the Ruby Theater.

Jennifer began to absorb my experience with Fellini relating to his unfinished film Mastorna. 

It was decided between Jennifer and I that the role of the Fortune Teller/Mastorna would be mine. The Another talented actor would play the other main character, the young silent actor who wants to become famous despite his disability.  

The Fortune Teller / Mastorna takes the actor on a journey beyond reality, which starts at the Fellini 100 ceremony, where he informs the actor that everything is filmed and therefore the actor cannot go back, but only continue his journey trapped in motion picture film. 

There are various reversals of situations, up to an ending that is not an ending! 

My experience in the movie Mastorna with Federico Fellini and Jennifer Glee was a wonderful dream, full of ingenious creativity and magic.