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SF Count Wardal TV Show 300 episode: the legendary Maecenas Adriano Aragozzini

Patron of the Sanremo Festival announces his film on Gina Lollobrigida

Adriano Aragozzini, a ight skinned man with a purple jacket, bowtie and white shirt stands next to Gina Lollobrigida, a light skinned woman with curly hair, earrings, and a necklace.


On January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, at 11pm PST (8am in Italy) on CH 29 San Francisco, for the 300th episode of #CountWardalTVShow, the special honorary guest is #AdrianoAragozzini, the legendary Maecenas, unforgettable patron of the Sanremo Festival. He was recently awarded the #ColumbusInternationalAward, is an honorary citizen of NYC and annually celebrated in Miami on December 27th on “Adriano Aragozzini Day.” Here is a quick overview of his amazing life, where names from the top of the world Olympus of song such as #TinaTurner and of cinema such as #GinaLollobrigida stand out.

Aragozzini started out as a journalist, but became one of the most important managers and talent scouts in the world, thanks to the singer-songwriter GinoPaoli, who was the first to elect him as his manager.

From then on, Aragozzini discovered #NicolaDiBari, managed #NicoFidenco, #PeppinoDiCapri and #LuigiTenco, was linked to the legend #Dalida and was for 30 years manager of Domenico Modugno, “Mr. Volare” who debuted on Broadway, thanks to Adriano.

He is manager of #RenzoArbore and his world-famous orchestra.

He is also the manager of #GabriellaFerri, an icon of the Roman folk song.

Adriano Aragozzini, in a gray coat, stands next to a very blond Patty Prano.

Aragozzini also became the manager of #PattyPravo, whose uniqueness is unparalleled.

Aragozzini also became the manager of opera celebrities such as #MariodelMonaco and is now manager of the tenor #GiuseppeGambi.

Adriano Aragozzini introduced an orchestra of 55 elements and 12 choirs to the #FestivaldiSanremo, formed highly qualified juries, revolutionized the structure of the famous Italian Song Festival and “exports” Sanremo singers with “Sanremo in the World” to the largest capitals of the world: from #Tokyo to #Cairo, to #NYC, #LA etc. , with worldwide television coverage.

Young Tina Turner with short dark hair and a beaded necklace and tank top sits at the table with a young Italian man, Adriano Aragozinni. They are finishing a meal and food is on the table.

Aragozzini, in the singing competition, pairs an Italian singer with a foreign super star and #LizaMinnelli, #RayCharles, #SammyDavis , #charlesAznavour #EltonJohn, #EllaFitzgerald, #TinaTurner (The Best) take to the stage. Tina and Adriano were also linked by an affectionate friendship.

In the interview of the spectacular #Wardal, the volcanic energy and brilliant talent of Adriano Aragozzini is evident and he is unstoppable in continuing to give the world unprecedented cultural and artistic innovations.

The 300th episode of CWTWS (Count Wardal TV Show) rewards one of the most famous ascetic and mystical painters #PatriziaPatti and shows one of her paintings which is the cover of her latest book “Ascetic Sign” published by #VerdeChiaroEdizioni

“Count Wardal TV show”, a popular TV show from San Francisco, in its 300th episode, is animated by Wardal, an international star of theatre, cinema and TV, whose name is linked to that of #FedericoFellini, #CarloLizzani, #DarioBellezza, #MarleneDietrich #Dalida #FrankSinatra #JoanCrawford , #LindaMcCartney etc. 

Among Wardal’s guests: #AngelaAlioto (900k) #MarySteiner (700k), #ZahiHawass (950k), H.E.#MoushiraKhattab (750k), #PinoStrabioli (750k), #AnadelaSerraVisconti (700k), #JasonZavaleta (700k), #Jennifer Glee (700k) creator, on the same BAVC Media, of the popular #PlanetGlee. #BAVC ( awarded at the #WhiteHouse by #MichelleObama for the 40th anniversary (11/15/2016), is directed by #PaulaSmithArrigoni, first assistant to #JavanGiles TV programs.

Towards the end of the interview Aragozzini gives Wardal truly sensational news: “Just for you Wardal and your Count Wardal TV Show, great news: I’m producing a film about my dear friend Gina Lollobrigida.”

Lollobrigida is one of the cinematographic icons who has made the history of cinema.

Adriano Aragozzini, an older Italian guy, appears in a still from a Zoom call. Below him is a small Zoom window with Federico Wardal, a younger Italian man, who's got short brown hair and wears glasses.

Viewership for the 300th episode of CWTVS, available on YouTube Count Wardal on January 16, is expected to be 800k, but expected to grow considerably over time.