Essay from Garrett Schuelke

I'll Tell You What I Can't Wait For

I can't wait to drive up north until I'm past the local news station in Cadillac, when I can then toggle 	between whatever album I'm listening to and 106 KHQ, depending on what song is being 	played.

I can't wait to get on a nature trail, whether its one I've been down before or just now checking out, 	and emerging into the open to walk through a field of tall, light grass.

I cant wait to check into that Quality Inn, then head to the beach on Old Mission Peninsula that's so far 	removed from the other beaches that it almost feels like I'm actually out of Michigan, 	somewhere exotic.

I can't wait to ramble into downtown and check out that dance club I've seen active on previous trips 	and have heard good shit about.

Traverse City Summer 2023,
two months