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     Pedagogical technology is based on the use of new tools and information methods, their use, the correct introduction of pedagogical technologies in the educational process leads to the teacher acting as the main organizer or consultant in this process. This requires more independence, creativity and willpower from the teacher. Trainings conducted on the basis of pedagogical technology satisfy the desire of young people to express their attitudes to important life achievements and problems, and create an opportunity for them to think and justify their points of view. In order to achieve this, we need independent and free-thinking individuals who are able to absorb new information and evaluate their acquired knowledge by themselves.

        Therefore, the role and importance of modern teaching methods, interactive methods, and innovative technologies in the educational process of educational institutions is incomparable. Pedagogical technology and the knowledge and experience of their use in education ensure that students have knowledge and advanced skills.       

Its main criteria are informal debates, free presentation of educational material, independent reading, learning, conducting seminars, creating opportunities for students to take initiative, small group, large group, It consists of assignments, assignments, writing assignments, etc. computer communication) l On December 1, the next “Government Hour” was held in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. In it, the deputies discussed the issue of “Education of the patriotic generation in general education schools, the work being carried out on the organization of the newly introduced subject of “Education”.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has clearly and clearly shown the ways and principles of achieving the future in several speeches and pamphlets. In particular, such works as “Independence and spirituality”, “Uzbekistan on the threshold of the 21st century”, “The dream of a perfect generation” describe the spiritual renewal and development of society, issues of education, and the basic principles of social education.

The concept of education has different meanings in different periods of the nation’s history and society’s development and has been interpreted in different ways. After Uzbekistan gained independence, an approach based on a new healthy pedagogical thinking in the interpretation of education began to be decided. Now special attention is being paid to genetic and biological aspects of education and nationality. National education is closely related to the name of the nation and its history.

                                                    Khojamova Gulsevar Abdullajanovna

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