Essay from Gulsevar Xojamova

Young Central Asian woman with short black hair and a blue jacket and white blouse sitting at a desk writing.
Gulsevar Xojamova

In my dream a man gave advice,
His words are bitter, but the truth is:
"Don't be careless, be careful when you are,
My words are wisdom, just remember."

Know that without labor the Motherland will not prosper,
There is love in this heart, he does not sleep at night.
God does not like a careless person.
Think of what you have done for the country.

A true man who appreciates women,
A moment to acknowledge the truth of life
Failure to complete the cycle
Push the drowsy soul, now awake

I woke up to the magic of words
You are my love, you are my freedom.
I planted the seeds of vigilance in my heart
I have given you this soul.

Gulsevar Khojamova
Student of Andijan State Pedagogical Institute