Essay from Iroda Bakhronova

Young Central Asian woman with curly black hair and a white collared shirt and black pants sitting on a park bench with a fence and trees in the background.
Iroda Bakhronova

(Uzbekistan, Navoi)
Student of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute

We are the creators of the future!

      We know that the 21st century is an era of intellectual development. The uplifting force of this development is young people, that is, people with high intelligence. Of course, today there is a great responsibility towards the creators of the future. After all, according to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, “In order for our youth to become independent thinkers, have high intellectual and spiritual potential, become people who are not inferior to their peers in any field on a global scale, our state and society should be happy. We will mobilize all the possibilities of strength”, his words serve as a program for us. Being among such young people, I am proud to see the development of our country day and night. In my opinion, it is natural for every person who considers himself a child of the new Uzbekistan to have a question at this moment: how did I contribute to the development of my country?! Whatever I do, even if it’s a little, will benefit my people?! In order to find answers to such questions, I took a pen in my hand and began to write down my goals on a white paper.

First of all, as they say, “A job without a plan is a brick without a mold”, a person should make his plans so that all the good deeds he thinks about from early in the morning will be good. And the plans become more and more great goals. And I strive for not daily, but annual prospective goals. I want these targeted plans to serve not only me, but also the development of my country.

Secondly, no country can rise without sports and science. These two concepts will always accompany me. Of course, sport is a guarantee of health. Every young generation who plays sports follows a healthy lifestyle. Only healthy and strong youth can protect the country. As our elders say, “If there is knowledge, there will be greatness”, even a young person like me in the ranks of the youth of Uzbekistan will mobilize all my energy to acquire knowledge.

Thirdly, it is the effective use of the doors of opportunity created for young people and, most importantly, the supreme gift of time. “If you love life, don’t waste time, because time creates life,” said one of the philosophers. Today, the lives and work of famous people who have achieved great success in their field show that one of the main keys to their success is their ability to allocate time correctly. If time is spent in vain during the youth years, the opportunity to gain knowledge is also lost. Our today will become history tomorrow. The services and happy deeds of each person for their people will be forever imprinted in the history. Therefore, we, the creators of the future, appreciate our time, which is more valuable than gold, and achieve high goals!

It should be said that young people who are in tune with the times are leading in every field today. Of course, it is impossible to count the opportunities created for us today. I would like to put forward a proposal to hold the traditional republican competition “Sprouts of Future” in order to pay attention to young people capable of achieving greater goals and in order to support young people in every way. Because, you say, there are many different auditions. However, unlike them, this competition is organized among young people who have achieved more or less success in the field of science and education, literature and sports and have limited opportunities to show their talent. Because they, like you and us, are the bright future generations of Uzbekistan!

In conclusion, it should be said that we, the youth, are the hope of a great country. If we don’t waste time and fulfill the huge task in front of us wholeheartedly, no crowd, no foreign ideas can stand in our way. Everything is in our hands. After all, as our President said, “We have set ourselves the great goal of establishing the foundation of the Third Renaissance in our country, for this we need to educate new Khorezms, Berunis, Ibn Sinas, Ulugbeks, Navoi and Babur!” We are the worthy successors of such ancestors and will be the mirror of the future of New Uzbekistan!

Iroda Bakhronova is an “Initiative reformer” badge holder;
laureate of the international contest Russian Talents and
author of about 100 public and about 30 scientific articles. She is the
author of the poetry collection My dreams are more than you, stars, the winner of the “International Womania Award – 2023” recognition. Her articles were published in prestigious magazines in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, USA, India, Germany, and Belarus and
her works were published in anthologies in the USA, Moldova, and Germany. Her work was published in the international anthology “Talented voices of Uzbekistan” published on Amazon in the U.S. and sold in 26 countries.
Her work was published in the collection Hilol, which includes the work of talented young people across Uzbekistan.
She is a member and ambassador of the Iqra International Foundation and a participant in the IV and V Nobel Fest, the
“Student of the Year-2022” laureate of the institute stage and a
member of the International Council of World Technical Development.
She is a graduate of the online course of the US Institute of Peace; a
participant in the “International Scientific Forum-2022” in Great Britain, and holds a certificate from the International Internship University.

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