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 My trip to the Amudarya district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan prompted me to write an article on this topic.  At the entrance to the Amudarya district, I watched the surroundings with interest as the cars moved slowly along the Panton Bridge (a floating bridge designed for the passage of people and vehicles) over the Amudarya. 

The bridge is a little old (built in 1938) and due to its narrowness, cars pass in a row.  At the beginning of the bridge, a beautiful wall like a tall monument caught my attention.  I was happy to see that “Uzbekistan is the land of the happy” written on this monument.  These words did not leave my mind during the whole trip.

    Indeed, happy Uzbekistan is the country of the happiest and happiest people.  Our country was ranked among the 50 happiest countries out of 156 countries in the world and took 44th place.  Among the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Uzbekistan ranks first as the country of the happiest people.  On March 20, “World Happiness” published a new report entitled “The happiest Uzbeks among the CIS countries”.

    What do we mean by happiness or a happy person?
    Happiness cannot be measured by wealth.

    Happiness is an inner feeling, we cannot grasp it with our hands, but we feel it with our heart.  Everyone has a different interpretation of happiness.  Happiness can be found only in a country where peace and tranquility prevail.  Happy people live free and free in a beautiful land like paradise.  The sky of Uzbekistan is clear, the waters are clear, the people are kind and hospitable.  If anyone doubts our happiness, let them come to a paradise-like country like Uzbekistan and see with their own eyes that people live happily in the arms of happiness!

    During the development of modern technology, the description of beautiful Uzbekistan spread to the whole world.  Foreign tourists who have heard about the incomparable beauty of our country dream of traveling to our heavenly homeland.
    I am proud to be a child of a peaceful and prosperous, beautiful paradise-like country called Uzbekistan, and to be a happy citizen of this country.

Kurbanova Saodat Ismatkulovna

Teacher of school 18, Nishan district, Kashkadarya region, Republic of Uzbekistan

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