Essay from Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova

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Steps to Success (Story of Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova)

Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova, born in 2004, possessed an extraordinary passion for learning and a burning desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Makhfiratkhon’s journey towards greatness began at a tender age when she discovered her love for the English language. At just four years old, she started teaching English to children in her neighborhood. Her natural talent and enthusiasm for teaching quickly caught the attention of international educators.

By the age of eight, Makhfiratkhon had already achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. She was certified as a B2 level English teacher according to CEFR standards in Uzbekistan. Her thirst for knowledge led her to obtain various international certifications, including International ESOL-B2 and SAYLOR ACADEMY-C1.

Not only was Makhfiratkhon an academic prodigy, but she also excelled in extracurricular activities. She became a member of numerous international organizations and attended over 50 conferences worldwide. Her dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed, as she received recognition as a global youth ambassador.

Makhfiratkhon’s dreams continued to come true as she won scholarships to prestigious universities such as North Texas University, Barry University, and St.Johns University. She was awarded the University Incentive Scholarship, which further fueled her determination to succeed academically.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Makhfiratkhon was actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. She served as a Child Rescue Ambassador for IQRA Foundation and as a Child Advisor for Glory Future Foundation. Her passion for environmental conservation led her to become an ambassador for the renowned organization ‘Greenpeace.’

Makhfiratkhon’s achievements extended beyond academics and philanthropy; she was also recognized for her skills in diplomacy and international affairs. She participated in the Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN) Offline Conference, where she excelled and won an internship opportunity.

As a Fellow member of ERU and a member of the ISRES, Makhfiratkhon was always at the forefront of global issues. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society led her to translate several books and become an ambassador for various organizations, including SGAP Leaders and Global Friends Club.

Her passion for education also shone through as she completed courses from prestigious universities such as the University of California and Stanford University. Makhfiratkhon’s commitment to self-improvement knew no bounds, as she also attended conferences in Thailand, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates as a delegate of ‘Best Diplomats.’

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Makhfiratkhon remained humble and grounded. She volunteered for organizations such as ‘Quyosh Nuri’ and worked tirelessly as an official member of IAAC and Gurukshetra Foundation.

With each passing day, Makhfiratkhon’s influence grew stronger. She became an ambassador for IHRC in Uzbekistan and coordinated various initiatives aimed at promoting peace and human rights. Her dedication to her country’s youth led her to become the Country President of Iqra Foundation Global in Uzbekistan.

Makhfiratkhon’s passion for writing bore fruit when she authored her book titled “A Shining Star.” Through this book, she hoped to inspire others to chase their dreams relentlessly.

As time went on, Makhfiratkhon continued to add feathers to her cap. She became a member of Juntos Por Las Letras and UN-ONGO, further solidifying her status as a global leader.

Makhfiratkhon’s story is one that inspires countless individuals around the world. Her unwavering determination, thirst for knowledge, and commitment to making a positive difference have made her a true shining star. Through her dreams and aspirations, Makhfiratkhon continues to prove that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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