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Teaching vocabulary  to A1 level students

Abstract :

It’s hard for students to read and understand a text if they don’t know what the words mean. A solid vocabulary boosts reading comprehension for students of all ages. The more words students know, the better they understand the text. That’s why effective vocabulary teaching is so important, especially for students who learn and think differently (Charly Lyon Mat). “Vocabulary size is a convenient proxy for a whole range of educational attainments and abilities – not just skill in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, but also general knowledge of science, history, and the arts (“A wealth of words, by E. D. Hirsch Jr).

In this article I will emphasize several ways of teaching vocabulary  to A1 level students in the classroom and explain many techniques used by English teachers  as well as my own personal view of them and also I will offer some tips for calculating result of pupils in teaching .

Key words : Vocabulary , acquire , enrich ,implicitly ,mean , median , mode  ,range

1 Introduction

Vocabulary is something we continue to learn and develop throughout our entire lives – an unconstrained skill. While some vocabulary is acquired implicitly through everyday interactions, it’s important to teach more complex and technical vocabulary explicitly (Mark Ankucic 11 November, 2019). Vocabulary has both print and speech forms. Beginning readers use their knowledge of the spoken form of a word to recognize the print version of that same word (Reading Horizons ,printed by google in February 2022). 

Vocabulary is the main part of language , learning and teaching . Why? Imagine , you should make something that may be paper home you have a glue and some paper  . Paper is the vocabulary , glue is the grammar and when you have paper you may make or create something but when you have glue but no paper you can not create anything . So , that’s why teaching vocabulary is the main phase of procedure of teaching .

2 Methods

Teaching English Vocabulary to A1 level students

Commonly, there are several techniques concerning the teaching English vocabulary . Considering the number of new words students have to learn per course, this means us teachers have our work cut out for us. We all know that although it is important for students to use correct grammar and structures, words are the main carriers of meaning. This means that the more words students are able to handle accurately, the better their chances of understanding English and making themselves understood .

To effectively acquire English vocabulary, students must be learnt four essential stages that first, they notice a new word with help. Secondly, they recognize the word at first with help. Then, they recognize it later on their own. Lastly, they are able to both recognize and produce the word ( (

Teachers , furthermore , suggested that we should know the levels of students . It is previous that you, as the teacher, make use of activities that target each of these stages because you should teach words and phrases and you should know level of students and then choose the words and methods for teaching it  when you have a clear information about your student you may easily achieve your goal . Moreover , create situations that they use the vocabulary which have gained while the lesson. It helps to fix pupils’ mind and they may utilize them freely in the situation that they need.

We should pay attention one thing that if we are teaching A1 level students we should find easier and funnier way to teach them  because they can not acquire or gain high level words and also they are difficult to take in to them .

Here  are some techniques  of teaching vocabulary as stated by some teachers that I have learnt :

a) Using real -life objects

It is the most easy and remarkable way of teaching vocabulary because while teaching procedure we may easily use it , for example , introduce everything in the room or body parts or something that on the picture of students’ clothes and extra.  For instance , we want to teach body parts to our students we may use our body parts instead of pictures of them by showing them our actions.It helps to develop students’ memory and also speaking skill.

b)  Using Visuals to Enhance Understanding

In this technique, we use the visuals that helps to  students understand new concepts.  For example ,we were in a social studies classroom in which the teacher was presenting geography terms such as equator, latitude, and longitude. She or he drew a circle on the board to illustrate the Earth, and then she wrote the word equator across the center. She wrote the word latitude horizontally from west to east where the latitude lines go across the Earth. Finally, she wrote the word longitude from north to south to clearly illustrate the meaning of the word. She or he  provided visual context for her students as they encountered the terms for the first time.

Teaching vocabulary is the magic thing if you have a will to creating someting.

3 Result and Discussions

If we want to know our students results there are some techniques for finding out them. We use the Pre and Post tests , mean , mode median , and range  for compering and calculating  pre and post reults’ of students .

Firstly , we use the Pre test when the beginning of the course or semester  . Our tests should be baesd on vacabulary and find out all results and write  them on the sheet :

Student’s name           Mark / Pre test
Abdullayeva E’zoza78
Olimov Jamshid87
Ulug’bekova Farangiz80

 Then we find out Mean .

The Mean is the average result of group . The Mean has two section pre and post . For calculating it we add all of tge marks of students to each other and divide it into numbers of students in the class . For example , all gathered mark is 1609 , number of students are 20 .  Pre mean : 1609 : 20 = 80.45%

It is clear from that , 80.45% of students do well and pass an exam .  Post mean also is calculed as the same.

Mode is the repeated marks in pupils result that they got pre or post tests.

For finding out mode we look through all students’ results and point some of them that are repaeted . For instance, we have 20 students in our group and some of them get the same reults : 80 , 82  , 88, 87 ,82 88, 83 80 ,5 ,83 ,80  …… may be five students  get 88 point or some of them get 82

 Pre mode : 80 , 82 , 83 ,88 …… and Post mode is calculated also as the same .

Median is tge result of one pupil in the class . For clarifying median , we write all results of pupils in sequence that  80, 88, 78, 90 ,86, 78, 91 ,89… and  we count sequence marks in line then we choose average of them . For example , we have 12 sequenced marks : 80,81, 82 ,84, 85, 86, 87, 90, 93 ,96,97, 99 . Average points of them are 86 and 87 and add them to each other and divide the reult to 2 . Pre median: (86+87) : 2 = 173 :2 = 86.6%

86.6% is the result of one pupil in the class .

Range is productivity of our teaching procedure or methods.

For finding out it , we choose the highest mark and lowest mark of pupils and subtract from each other : 96 – 76 = 20 %

Pre range is 20 % . And we calculate post range results by the help of post test . Again , choose highest and lowest marks of pupils that they get from post test : 99 – 86 = 14 % . Post range is 14% . It shows that our lesson is productive .


This piece of work aims to highlight the importance of teaching vocabulary   learning as an essential part in foreign language learning. Vocabulary in any classroom brings a range of benefits. It adds variety to a lesson, which can be fun and motivating for students by using some kind of extraordinary and interesting , fun techniques or methods  It broadens the possibilities for language production by taking students beyond their own lives and experiences.  Vacabulary it is the base of learning and teaching language  as  E. D. Hirsch Jr said ” Vocabulary size is a convenient proxy for a whole range of educational attainments and abilities – not just skill in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, but also general knowledge of science, history, and the arts”.

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