Essay from Mekhriniso Ergashova


Success is when a person turns his dreams into a goal, overcomes difficulties, climbs a huge mountain and conquers the peak.  Everyone is lucky in life, but not everyone can be successful.  It requires not only hard work and effort, but also smart thoughts from a person.  If success depended on hard work and effort, about 90 percent of people in the world would climb to that podium.  Many people ask what is the most important thing in achieving all their goals.  And I choose to answer only that trust, hope and prayer are interconnected.  Because where there is a prayer, the white flower of hope, which was buried under thick snow, will definitely return, and where the flowers of hope have awakened, steadfast faith will appear.  Just believe. 

Everything, everything is waiting for you.  We climb the stairs to the podium of success.  He has a rule, no one has ever climbed the ladder of success with his hands in his pockets.  Do you understand  As long as we breathe in life, there is hope.  As long as there is hope, there is prayer.  And the most important thing is that our own success is waiting for us somewhere.  Do you want to know the basic 12 rules by collecting the words of famous people who are known to the world for their action and smart thought tactics?  Let’s see together…

   Do you want to be successful in your business, but don’t know where to start?  You can get on this path through the stories of successful people.  So, here are 12 rules that successful people follow differently:

 Pursue the right goals.
 Successful people have realistic goals.  That is, they set their own goals within their capabilities, and move forward in a planned manner.
 Be persistent and act quickly.
 Success depends on the decisions you make and the steps you take.  If your resolve is to truly pursue your goals and achieve them, there is no reason why you should not achieve them.

 It Is necessary to work effectively, not to be busy.
 That is, the factor leading to success is not too much work without conscious thoughts, but smart thinking.  Because hard work and effective work are two different concepts.
 Make a logical and informed decision.
 When making a decision, listen to your mind, not your feelings and emotions.

 Not trying to be a perfect person all the time.
 It is necessary to be not only in the non-dangerous environment, but also in the dangerous environment. Tasks and goals should be taken for granted.

 If every task is told that it is too complicated, I can’t do it, the ego will accept it in the same way and the person will stop trying.  As a result, trust is lost.
 Focus on small and regular developments.
 It is only necessary to follow the development.
 Learning from mistakes.
 That’s right, spending time with people whose goals are similar to yours.

 The main thing is to live life in a balanced way.
 If you want to spend your life happily, attach yourself to goals, not people and things.  In order to be successful, it is necessary to work intelligently and efficiently like bees.  The most important thing in conquering the peak and planting the flag is not to win everything, but to stand tall and proud after the stream of blows during the process of climbing to the top.  Because as Shams Tabrizi said: “If you look at life, it seems to be over, everything will end.”  But if you look again, it will be as if everything has started anew.”  You have to wait for miracles and believe in the dawn.  Because there are no nights without dawn.
Daughter of Ergashova Mehriniso Husnidin, student of the 2nd stage of the Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute.