Essay from Mirfayzbek Abdullayev

Young Central Asian boy stands up with a microphone in front of a group of other children, all dressed in white sweaters with colorful sleeves.
Mirfayzbek Abdullayev
Youth policy begins with children's policy

Currently, I am the leader of the children’s organization’s “Kamalak” under the youth union of Uzbekistan. I have been working in this system for three years. Do you know what the leadership gives to children? First and foremost, leadership provides children with a happy childhood. Along with this, it provides skills such as helping our peers, working with children through projects based on their learning and interest.

In the system of "Kamalak" children's organization, we implement various social projects. An example of this is the "Euclid Olympiad" project to increase students' mathematical abilities during the winter vacation, the "Chess Kingdom" online competition among students interested in chess, and the "Eco Frame" project among students interested in taking pictures. Many projects are currently being carried out in order to meaningfully organize free time of students. During the coming summer vacation, we are planning to hold the "Summer with a Kamalak" project in schools, neighborhoods, parks, streets, and camps.

Almost 22 years have passed since the foundation of my beloved organization "Kamalak" children's organization. It is no exaggeration to say that the organization discovered thousands of talented children during this time. In addition, before I joined the organization, I was a child whose speech was not developed enough, and when he appeared on stage, he would forget his words. I became a leader in the organization, I went to different regions, I made friends there, we talk and exchange ideas with them through social networks. 

Last year, as a member of the Uzbek delegation, we participated in the international "Children of the Commonwealth" forum organized in Kyrgyzstan because of my exemplary work in "Kamalak". We exchanged ideas with knowledgeable and active students from 6 countries and participated in discussions on various topics. We are using the knowledge and skills we have gained from the international forum among our peers. Friendship, social activity, field trips and unforgettable memories are the gifts that "Rainbow" gives. I am proud to be a part of such an organization! At this point, I would like to recall the favorite motto of our organization:
For the homeland, friendship and happy childhood!

Mirfayzbek Abdullayev
Student of the 4th general education school in the city of Karshi, Leader of the “Kamalak” of Kashkadarya region