Essay from Muhammad Yusuf Zulfiqorov

War is a tragedy. It is an evil that causes pain and death to innocent souls. Children suffer the most from war because they are the most vulnerable part of society. War deprives children of childhood, peace, tranquility, their homeland, parents and, above all, hope for the future. I don’t just mean children in Ukraine or Palestine, I mean all the wounded souls who are crippled by the blade of war. According to UNICEF, from 2005 to 2022, wars worldwide have killed at least 120,000 children. In Palestine alone, more than 14,000 children have died to date.

Children should not die because of war. In today’s world, where we have achieved unprecedented heights in science, technology, and medicine, children are still dying. And this does not happen due to incurable diseases or natural disasters, but due to wars that adults start. War cripples not only the bodies, but also the souls of children. It robs them of their childhood, replacing it with fear, pain and loss. Children who survive war often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, anxiety and depression. Every day in the media we see this or that news about the victims of war, but you were wondering how we can stop these wars, how can I stop these wars?

As a tenth-grade girl who wears hijab and often faces discrimination, I am tired of being a passive witness with nothing to do. I became a volunteer, joined the boycott, started to express my motives and views, tried to convey my point of view to a wide audience and call for action. In addition, I wrote a manifesto with like-minded people and we started distributing it at school and encourage everyone to join. Today I am calling on the VOY community and U-Report to join my manifesto and help spread it to the youth of the world. The future is in our hands. We have a responsibility to do everything possible to protect the world from war. We must learn tolerance and mutual respect. We must resolve conflicts peacefully, through dialogue and diplomacy. We must do everything possible to ensure that children never know the horrors of war. We must do everything possible to ensure that this future is peaceful.

In my manifesto I wanted to call on all people for peace. War is not the answer. It never solves problems, but only creates new ones. We must learn to live in peace and harmony so that children can grow and develop in a happy and safe world.

        “Manifesto: Childhood without war!”

            Childhood is a sacred time:

Childhood is a period of carefree games, the first steps towards knowledge, and the formation of personality. This is the time when children should be surrounded by love, care and safety. War mercilessly destroys this world, leaving behind only pain, fear and suffering.

            Children should not be victims:

No child should become a victim of hostilities. The war spares neither adults nor children. The projectiles do not differentiate between soldiers and innocent civilians. Children die, are injured, lose parents and homes.

            The future belongs to peaceful children:

A peaceful sky above your head isn’t just a dream, it is a vital necessity for children. Only in a peaceful society can children realize their full potential, grow up healthy and happy, and become builders of a better future.

            We are obliged to protect childhood:

Each of us must do everything possible to stop the war and protect children. Our voices must be heard by the leaders of this world. Let us demand an end to the bloodshed and violence.

Join us!

Together we can make the world a better place!

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  1. Muhammad, I was very affected by your well-spoken, thoughtful essay. I saw in your words nothing but truth. In the States, we often view war as a peripheral matter, although our ignorance does not excuse our not caring. Tell me what I can do, as an impoverished American — but a writer — to effect a change in the cause you so passionately believe in. Here is my email address: Please respond.

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