Essay from Norman J. Olson

is the art of Norman J. Olson Erotic Art? 

by:  Norman J. Olson 

Norman J. Olson

I do not get a lot of recognition for my art…  in fact, few people, even people who know me, know about my artworks…  partly, this is because I have never really tried to sell art or be a part of the local arts community, or any arts community, for that matter…  also, I think that this might be because of the nature of my artworks themselves…  

1) they are not formally innovative…  in fact, they are pretty much old fashioned works in oil paint and various drawing mediums…  2)  they are not topical/political and much officially recognized art today is expected to be topical, to have a purpose of setting the world right, or at least to make some kind of political statement…  and 3) my art often uses the old European/art history trope of the nude figure…  which, I think makes my art less than commercial, as people today, are very uneasy with using images of naked people as such in artworks… 

some years ago, I discovered the world of Erotic art…  Erotic art is sort of high toned porn, or art about sexual matters that is accepted in certain quarters, if it makes statements in line with current academic thinking on those matters…  and has a bit more depth than the average porn video… people often assume that my art is erotic art in that it portrays naked people, occasionally sexual activities and seems more sophisticated than what most people would call “porn…”  so, the question is, does my art fall into the category of “Erotic Art…”

the  fact that it may, brought my work to the attention of the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum in Miami, Florida and my history with that museum led to an interview with me by Melissa Blundell, Director of Education for that museum…  this happened last summer (summer 2021) and was one of the most exciting and public expositions and discussions of my art that has ever happened…

If anybody is interested in seeing some images of my artworks and hearing a discussion about my art including the question of whether or not it is erotic art, you can check out this interview at: 

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