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“Sa’d ibn Abu Waqqas” on pilgrimage gohi

Do you know about the pilgrimage Goh “Saint father”, which is located in the Gallaorol District of the Jizzakh region?

Asli’s name,” sa’d ibn Abu Waqqos”, means that the shrine is divided in two. The upper part of the shrine is the outer area of the complex-it contains beautiful and sacred springs, unique nature and picturesque landscapes. Interested in the history of the shrine, the lower part houses the ancient mosque and Mausoleum of the “SA’d ibn Abu Waqqos” mausoleum.

The village of the Saint appeared in the 7th century AD, and it was named in honor of Said ibn Abu Waqqos, one of the close companions of the Arab commander Muhammad, who took part in the historical events near the Fortress of Mug. Saeed ibn Abu Waqqas was the son of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).a.v) of his companions in 17th century, he was one of the first to convert to Islam. There are also holy springs and a small lake bearing the same name.