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               Abstract: This article describes the use of modern teaching methods in primary school classes of general education schools, their importance in increasing the effectiveness of classes

               Key words: Lesson, teaching methods, interactive educational methods, modern technology, method, method.

               Today, our country is rapidly developing in all fields. At the core of all fields, of course, is education. In particular,primary education lays the first foundation stone. Currently, our state has to ensure that teachers have a creative approach to lessons, widely introduce advanced pedagogical and information and communication technologies in their work, and is the foundation of students’ initial knowledge acquisition.  necessary measures are being developed and implemented in order to increase their interest in mastering all subjects.  The concept of “Development of the public education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030” defines the main directions, including:

 – By 2030, the Republic of Uzbekistan will enter the ranks of the first 30 advanced countries of the world according to the PISA (The Program for International Student Assessment) rating of the international student assessment program;

 -Qualitative updating of the content of the continuing education system;

 -Improving the teaching methodology, gradually applying the principles of individualization to the educational process.[1]

              One of the great sages said, “…if you don’t worry about the future, give your children a good education and teach them.”  As our grandfather Yusuf Khos Hajib said: “Where there is intelligence, there is greatness, where there is knowledge, there is greatness.”

               Today’s time puts great demands on the teacher and the student, the main of these demands are the effectiveness and quality of the lesson, the knowledge and skills of the students in various educational activities in schools, their organization and through it  It is the students’ acquisition of various knowledge and skills. The role of modern information technologies in the organization of today’s demanding lesson is incomparable.  Because through themthe use of multimedia, animation, graphics, slides, video films helps to make the lesson process more interesting.

       The teacher uses modern computer technologies can perform several tasks:

 – by using multimedia technologies in primary classes students develop interest in science;

 – this method of education activates students’ thinking abilities and increases the efficiency of learning material;

 – provides an opportunity to model and visualize processes that are difficult or complex to demonstrate;

 – assimilation of educational materials not only according to the level, but

 effective according to the level of logic and acceptance of students;

 – students are given the opportunity to search for and find materials and find answers to problematic issues through independent research;

 – conditions are created for students to master a new topic, solve examples, write essays, statements, get acquainted with educational materials, select and analyze information and data quickly [2].  In previous traditional teaching methods, students were taught to acquire ready-made knowledge, but today, students have the opportunity to search for, collect, and familiarize themselves with information through modern media.  they eat

              Now the question is, what can be taught to students through these information technologies?  First of all, it is about teaching methods, teaching methods are the teacher anddetermines students’ directions and actions. These methods include a set of methods used by the teacher to master knowledge, skills and abilities.  working using some elements of the second teaching method together with the main teaching method used in the teaching. The tool is the auxiliary teaching materials necessary for the implementation of the teaching methods – tools, weapons, apparatus  and the like. [3] Today, based on the requirements of the times, it is appropriate to put the word “modern” in front of the term “teaching methods”.  Because if we don’t modernize our teaching methods, the effectiveness of the lesson will drop sharply.  Because this does not satisfy the needs of the students and the time. The mental development of the current students is stronger than the previous ones, the children of the 21st century.  For this reason, if it is passed by simple methods, the interest in the lesson will be lost.

                 Currently Designing, Problem Situation, True-False, Self-Assessment, Reading Comprehension, Brainstorming, Sinkwain  , “BBB”, “Brainstorming”, “Fifth plus”, “6x6x6”, “Debate”, “Working in small groups”, “Snowball”, “Zigzag”, “I have the last word”  technologies are used.  In this process, the center of the lesson is not the teacher, but the students.  The main task of the teacher in the process is to create conditions for personal development, learning and upbringing, and at the same time performs the task of management and direction.

 About the effectiveness of the above methods.  “Self-assessment” method, as we can know from the name, the student is assessed by himself, not by the teacher.  The advantages of the method are that it takes less time, all students at the same timeit is evaluated by completing tasks. It helps the student to understand what kind of knowledge he has and does not lead to bad attitudes towards the teacher.  He sees his mistakes with his own eyes and tries to correct them.

  “Find the fifth” method.  This method is of particular importance in students’ acquisition of logical thinking skills.  When using it, the following is done:

 – formation of concepts that serve to reveal the subject being studied;

 -achieving the placement of four (five, six…) related concepts and one unrelated concept from the resulting system;

 – assign students the task of identifying one concept unrelated to the topic and removing it from the system;

 – to encourage students to interpret the essence of their actions, that is, they need to know why they left out a word and how the rest of the words are logically connected with each other.

 For example, a series of words: book, pen, pencil, window.

 Redundant word: window.

 Educational tools: book, pen, pencil.

 New pedagogical technologies are of great importance in making primary school students interested in lessons, mainly visual aids, various interactive games are used to make lessons interesting and easy.

 If we combine the modern methods we use with modern media, it will fully meet today’s requirements.  Rather than working with handouts on plain paper, that’s itif we show the materials on the screen and perform the tasks, students will develop the skills of working with information technologies. This will serve as a great foundation for their future activities.  At the same time, they will have the competence to work individually and in small groups, to act as a team with their friends. The lesson will be interesting, high-quality and productive, and there will be an opportunity to acquire more knowledge.  By posting videos on a topic based on real events, it opens a wide way for students to understand the world faster.

 The use of computer game capabilities together with didactic games makes the teaching process even easier.  Most of the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in the lesson are still not used by young students in activities outside the classroom, their practical value is lost and the power is significantly reduced. Put the acquired knowledge and skills in the gaming computer environment.  learning leads to their mastery and mastery, motivation. The high level of emotionality of young students is significantly limited by the strict framework of the educational process. Computer training allows to partially eliminate high emotional tension and revive the educational process  .[4]

 In conclusion, the use of modern information and communication technologies and modern teaching methods in primary classes helps students to think independently, to expand their creative research and logical thinking, to connect what they learned in classes with life, and to increase their interest in the lesson.  .  The effective use of conditions created by teachers based on such modern requirements and the organization of classes based on advanced pedagogical and information communication technologies guarantees the quality of the educational process.

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