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Uzbek city, small with a few buildings, and a large terraced mine crater nearby. Overhead view.
When will we realize how important it is to preserve the environment? 

Safarova Ozoda, Chirchik State Pedagogical University,
Primary Education Department, Faculty of Primary Education. 

Nature is a power that is not bound by civilization, man, or the law. Man seeks to subjugate nature, yet events in Turkey yesterday shown once again that nature is more strong than society. An earthquake struck Turkey's southern and central regions on February 6, 2023. The magnitude of the earthquake, which occurred at 4:17 a.m. Turkish time, was reported to be 7.7, and the second tremor happened 9 hours following the main earthquake. 3381 persons were killed, while 2534 were injured. Several individuals were left under the rubble in Syria as a result of the earthquake. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake caused damage to many buildings both below and above ground, increasing the number of disasters. In terms of damage, the main earthquake was the most destructive in Turkish history, surpassing even the 1939 Erzincan earthquake. According to the "Sino" TV channel, an average 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurs 5 times every year around the world. Seismic activity In the last 25 years, Turkey has had at least seven earthquakes of magnitude 7. Of course, these events had an impact on other parts of the world as well. Earthquakes have been reported in Syria, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan, in particular. Such calamities are the outcome of human-caused environmental deterioration. Babies were among the countless innocent persons who died young. We blame you for this calamity. - Why is the air we breathe toxic?

Why is the availability of food and water dwindling?
- Look at him, he's striking his own leg with an ax.
When are humans going to stop hurting each other?

There are numerous questions. The answer remains no. The current natural environment in which humans live is the consequence of long geological periods, 4.5-4.7 billion years, caused by the combined action of various causes, namely the creation and alteration of the sun, air, water crust, and external activities. Without human intervention, the impact on the development of organic matter, sunlight falling on the planet, wind blowing, ocean currents, the birth of new plants, climatic change, rocks, relief, and soils on the earth's surface appeared. Evolving existence is not unique to us; in fact, in order to progress, we must help unveil the secrets of nature that we do not understand. The natural balance is disrupted when any of the natural variables alter. Every living being is responsible for maintaining this balance so that we do not disrupt it. A tiny influence on a component of nature can sometimes cause unforeseen changes and destroy the unbroken chain of nature that has existed all year. The natural environment that surrounds any living thing has an impact on it. He obtains what he requires from it. Adapts to its surroundings. To some extent, it alters the circulation of matter and energy in the environment. The present amount of gases in the earth's atmosphere is the result of organisms' living activities, the generation of important minerals such as gold, silver, copper, and coal, as well as the composition and development of the soil layer. 

Humanity's existence drastically altered the relationship between the organic world and the natural environment. Because of the incorrect use of pastures by work instruments,People began to have a significant impact on nature. He develops his relationship with nature. As a result, a person's living area expands and he constructs an atmosphere for himself. The amount and quantity of natural elements utilised has risen. As a result, human strain on nature has increased in both quality and quantity. Man constructs an artificial environment in addition to the natural environment in order to live and work. With the advancement of science and technology, for example, the creation of cities, residential buildings, parks, water reservoirs, highways, factories, industries, and other productive forces, The value of natural resources, the places where they are used, and the manner in which they are used have all changed. goes They employed only a few of the sarcastic elements or other natural means in ancient times, but now they use all of them. Thus, in addition to violating nature's laws and causing damage to it, leads to the destruction of humans as well as nature. 

Today, we argue that huge calamities are caused by nature's whims, but the truth is that they are created by people's disregard for nature. In a nutshell, man kills not only nature or animals, plants, and other living things, but also himself. It is vital to protect the Earth's resources, including water, flora and fauna, atmospheric air pollution, and harm, from damage, destruction, and incorrect use. Reserves, national, historical-natural, and memorial parks, botanical and zoological parks, zoological gardens, and specifically protected natural regions and animal and plant objects listed in the International Red Book should be enlarged. 

The goal of nature protection is to create favorable conditions for the rational and non-destructive use of nature for human health, ecological balance, and the interests of sustainable socio-economic development, as well as to preserve the richness of species and genetic fund of living nature, ecological systems, landscapes, and it is necessary to preserve the unique diversity of nature, as well as to preserve the cultural heritage related to natural objects, which have been given to mankind. Carry out these actions. Nature has provided us with everything. As a result, we must learn to be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Preserve the environment and use its resources properly. Individuals should make a concerted effort to conserve and enrich the wealth and environment in general, as well as its beauty and purity, for their own advantage. People today prioritize their own interests above all else, yet the consequences are tragic.

Also, let us recognize our insignificance. Let us leave the magnificent nature's secrets to future generations. Let us work together to protect the environment.

Let us defend ourselves against death!

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Young Central Asian girl with long straight black hair, brown eyes, a white collared shirt and black coat, and a lanyard around her neck.
Safarova Turaqulova

Turaqulova was born in Ozoda in 1995 in Karmana district of Navoi region. He graduated from general secondary school No. 10 with excellent grades and proud places in science Olympiads. His interest in the field of mining first led him to the Navoi State Mining College and then to the Navoi State University of Mining and Technologies. During the college period, he won the recognition of his teachers by taking pride of place in science Olympiads several times. Currently, he actively participates in university competitions and competitions, and has been awarded several diplomas with honorary titles. She is a member of the “Forum” international organization. Due to his interest in foreign languages, he is currently preparing for the IELTS and TESOL certificates.

Turaqulova is currently working in the Navoi Geological Research Expedition of the Navoi Kon Metallurgical Combine . “My main goal today is to become an international expert in the fields of mining and electric power, and thereby contribute to the country’s economy and development. she says.and also her scientific article was published on the international site More books under the name “World of new talent” and in the same year an anthology book was published under the name “Sprout. Shiny stars of the Earth” So she have many sertificates of international she actively participated in many courses and received international certificates.

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