Essay from Shabnam Shukhratova

Young teen Central Asian girl standing in front of an open window on a sunny day. She's got long black hair and a red buttoned sweater and a black jacket.
Shabnam Shukhratova

Nowadays it is common for young people to travel to far-flung places to study. This essay will argue that despite the fact that it often leads to financial difficulties, it is far more advantageous to study in places that are far away from one’s parents because it leads to independence. 

Young people frequently face financial problems if they decide to enrol in a degree course in a distant town. This is because it is no longer possible for them to live in their parents’ house, and they, therefore, have to pay for their own accommodation as well as utilities and food. This can come as quite a shock for many young people who have never had to pay a bill in their lives. For example, in this country, it is common for young people in this situation to take on part-time jobs so that they can pay their expenses while at university, and perhaps the most popular such job is being a waiter in a restaurant or bar.  

The great advantage of studying in a far-off place is that it allows young people to experience what it is like to be independent of their families. In many Western countries, it is humiliating for someone over the age of 18 to have to ask their parents for money and also to not be able to live their life the way they want to because they have to live by their parents’ rules. Leaving the family home allows them to choose whatever lifestyle they want and not be under any influence from their elders. For instance, at universities in the UK, it is noticeable that students who are no longer living in their parents’ houses mature more quickly than those who are still living at home, and this is clearly because they cannot depend on their parents and must instead embrace their newfound independence. 

In conclusion, travelling to a distant place to study might be financially challenging for those who have just left their childhood home, but the advantages of being independent far outweigh that drawback.

Shabnam Shukhratova

8th grade student of school 21, Navbahor district, Navoi region. Her creative works have been published in international anthologies. She is the holder of international certificates.